Big Mac's brain is working in overdrive. I remember it was like this with Kins at this age too, this age must be about the fastest kids ever learn. It's cool to witness. In the last few days he's learned to say uh oh, open and close, and he tries to sing twinkle twinkle. I know he's trying to sing the "up above the world so high" part when he starts repeating bup over and over in his singing voice. It's also clear that he is using dada correctly now. It's so cute, when he hears Tim he stops what he's doing, gets still and focused, and starts calling loudly, "Daaaa! Dada!" He also rushes over to Tim's office door during the day and calls for him. I thought I heard him say Kins name too, but her name is a lot trickier to say.

He has become very interesting in imitation. He sweeps with the dustpan brush, brushes his hair, throws things in the garbage (not always garbage...), tears off toilet paper and puts it in the toilet, you get the idea. He sees, he does.

Kins just about has daytime potty training perfected. She goes longer inbetween, and she doesn't usually need reminding any more. Today is the first day she has said she wants to try leaving the house without a pullup diaper on, if she manages to stay dry then I'd say she's got it down.

The past few nights Kins has been going to sleep without calling me back into her room and she's been hardly calling me into her room in the middle of the night either. Just once in the past 4 nights, pretty good. I'm dreaming that whatever fears were going on have passed.


  1. Tim must be pretty stoked when Big Mac gets so excited to see him.
    Kins sure is getting the potty training down quickly now. Grandma is very proud!


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