Luckily, Kins seems to be over this fear already. But, I made a joke that I immediately regretted about losing a body part, and she got very worried about making sure everyone had all body parts for several days after. I was touched that she was mostly worried about Big Mac's parts specifically. If he made a fist, she would yell, "He doesn't have a finger???" And she would quickly pry open his hand to make sure that was not the case. He fell over hard while drinking his drink and smashed his face against his cup. His mouth started pouring a mixture of blood and drink that was pretty alarming in volume. She caught a glimpse and, horrified, screamed, "He doesn't have an eye?!!" She was ok again as soon as she confirmed the eye's presence.

Big Mac had his 1 year appointment, and he has dropped in weight percentile from 50th all the way down to 10th. I knew he'd dropped, because he is looking much more slim. It's doing him favors physic wise in some ways. We used to laugh at his little bum because it blended in perfectly with his thighs, there was hardy any way to differentiate between the body parts. He lost a lot of leg fat, but kept a cute little baby bum. I am offering him a little more fatty stuff though, just to make sure I'm not starving him terribly by mostly feeding him fruit and yogurt. He is still nursing too, for another 6 months or so probably.

Big Mac learned how to play the recorder. It's so cute to see him walking all around the house blowing on the recorder, thrilled with his musical skills.

He's such a social butterfly. He begs nearly everyone he encounters to pick him up. He runs to them and wraps his arms around their legs, peering up at this with a huge grin. Often, they oblige. He gets the most self satisfied expression when that happens, it's a real thrill.

Kins is getting really good with conversation. It's so much fun to be able to talk with her better. Yesterday I explained to her that the noise she was hearing was two tree limbs rubbing together. A few hours later, she recounted the incident, explaining back to me how the noise was made, and following up by asking, "Do you remember that, Mama?"

She's potty trained for pee now. Poop has been harder. She really prefers waiting until bedtime when I put a diaper on her, and then pooping. I can usually expect to hear her calling me a few minutes after she goes to bed, "Maaaaammmaaaa, I poooooooped! CHANGE me!!" I sometimes can bribe her with toys from the garage. But, even those won't do it most of the time.

I'm 2.5 pounds away from my ultimate goal weight! I feel really good about it. I've been tracking all my calories and working out at least 6 days a week since January now. It's been hard, but it's incredibly rewarding to be almost to my goal and to have my clothes fit correctly again. I haven't been my ultimate goal weight since college. I put on a couple pounds when I got a desk job after college, then a couple more on purpose just in case that was the issue when I was trying to get pregnant with Kins. Looking forward to being able to just maintain, which seems pretty easy compared to keeping up a constant deficit.


  1. Thank goodness Big Mac still has a finger and an eye! I would be concerned, too, Kins!


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