Apr 26, 2013

Luckily, Kins seems to be over this fear already. But, I made a joke that I immediately regretted about losing a body part, and she got very worried about making sure everyone had all body parts for several days after. I was touched that she was mostly worried about Big Mac's parts specifically. If he made a fist, she would yell, "He doesn't have a finger???" And she would quickly pry open his hand to make sure that was not the case. He fell over hard while drinking his drink and smashed his face against his cup. His mouth started pouring a mixture of blood and drink that was pretty alarming in volume. She caught a glimpse and, horrified, screamed, "He doesn't have an eye?!!" She was ok again as soon as she confirmed the eye's presence.

Big Mac had his 1 year appointment, and he has dropped in weight percentile from 50th all the way down to 10th. I knew he'd dropped, because he is looking much more slim. It's doing him favors physic wise in some ways. We used to laugh at his little bum because it blended in perfectly with his thighs, there was hardy any way to differentiate between the body parts. He lost a lot of leg fat, but kept a cute little baby bum. I am offering him a little more fatty stuff though, just to make sure I'm not starving him terribly by mostly feeding him fruit and yogurt. He is still nursing too, for another 6 months or so probably.

Big Mac learned how to play the recorder. It's so cute to see him walking all around the house blowing on the recorder, thrilled with his musical skills.

He's such a social butterfly. He begs nearly everyone he encounters to pick him up. He runs to them and wraps his arms around their legs, peering up at this with a huge grin. Often, they oblige. He gets the most self satisfied expression when that happens, it's a real thrill.

Kins is getting really good with conversation. It's so much fun to be able to talk with her better. Yesterday I explained to her that the noise she was hearing was two tree limbs rubbing together. A few hours later, she recounted the incident, explaining back to me how the noise was made, and following up by asking, "Do you remember that, Mama?"

She's potty trained for pee now. Poop has been harder. She really prefers waiting until bedtime when I put a diaper on her, and then pooping. I can usually expect to hear her calling me a few minutes after she goes to bed, "Maaaaammmaaaa, I poooooooped! CHANGE me!!" I sometimes can bribe her with toys from the garage. But, even those won't do it most of the time.

I'm 2.5 pounds away from my ultimate goal weight! I feel really good about it. I've been tracking all my calories and working out at least 6 days a week since January now. It's been hard, but it's incredibly rewarding to be almost to my goal and to have my clothes fit correctly again. I haven't been my ultimate goal weight since college. I put on a couple pounds when I got a desk job after college, then a couple more on purpose just in case that was the issue when I was trying to get pregnant with Kins. Looking forward to being able to just maintain, which seems pretty easy compared to keeping up a constant deficit.

Apr 11, 2013


Big Mac's brain is working in overdrive. I remember it was like this with Kins at this age too, this age must be about the fastest kids ever learn. It's cool to witness. In the last few days he's learned to say uh oh, open and close, and he tries to sing twinkle twinkle. I know he's trying to sing the "up above the world so high" part when he starts repeating bup over and over in his singing voice. It's also clear that he is using dada correctly now. It's so cute, when he hears Tim he stops what he's doing, gets still and focused, and starts calling loudly, "Daaaa! Dada!" He also rushes over to Tim's office door during the day and calls for him. I thought I heard him say Kins name too, but her name is a lot trickier to say.

He has become very interesting in imitation. He sweeps with the dustpan brush, brushes his hair, throws things in the garbage (not always garbage...), tears off toilet paper and puts it in the toilet, you get the idea. He sees, he does.

Kins just about has daytime potty training perfected. She goes longer inbetween, and she doesn't usually need reminding any more. Today is the first day she has said she wants to try leaving the house without a pullup diaper on, if she manages to stay dry then I'd say she's got it down.

The past few nights Kins has been going to sleep without calling me back into her room and she's been hardly calling me into her room in the middle of the night either. Just once in the past 4 nights, pretty good. I'm dreaming that whatever fears were going on have passed.

Apr 8, 2013

Potty Trained and MacKinisms

Kins has been a tough one with the potty training. I have mentioned it quite a bit, offered every bribe I could think of, but not put much pressure on her. This is because I think she and I both have enough of that me pressuring her dynamic going on with getting her to eat. I didn't want to add more into our lives.

A few days ago, she asked for one of the toys in the garage that I've offered her for using the potty for months now. There were two big boxes of my old toys that my mom had brought over just waiting for her to start earning them. Like I'd done many times before, I told her that she could have it if she peed on the potty. She announced that she wanted to pee on the potty, and she did. This had happened before, she would usually lose interest in keeping it up after a couple of toys earned and she would never agree to wear underwear for more than a couple of minutes without then demanding to put her diaper back on again. This time, she wanted to wear the underwear, and she was having fun peeing every 10 minutes and then requesting another toy. She had a couple of big accidents the first day. The second day she had a couple of tiny ones, where she would realize that she was getting wet in time to stop and finish on the potty. The third day she had no accidents at all. I'm not asking her to sit on the potty as often anymore, I just remind her that she should when she needs to, and she is getting good at doing it on her own now. I'm still putting her in diapers overnight and when we go out. I think she is about ready to go out diaper free now, I will probably try it today if she wants to.

Big mac participates in kisses now. When you say kisses, he leans in, huge open mouthed smile on his face, tongue sticking out, and he slimes you.

He says I love you back. He doesn't quite have the whole phrase down, but he is close enough that I can tell he's copying saying it.

He initiates playing peek a boo. He hides behind his hands for a few seconds, then says peek a boo!

He makes himself laugh often. Lately when I'm rocking him before bed, he will blow raspberries and then start cracking up.

Kins is getting good at not throwing fits leaving places when she is having fun. For awhile, I couldn't get her out of a fun place without tears. Now, she understands the concept of being good so that she can reap the rewards by returning to said place later. She also does seem to want to make me happy, and she tries to be good for that reason too.

She started a new dance class, it has a lot more kids than her first dance class. She was overwhelmed at first, and watched from a distance sitting in my lap. She participated some of the time near the end. Not exactly doing what was asked of her... but she was with the other kids anyway. Her bff Bears is in the class too. The class is for 3-5 year olds, so they're both on the young end, but they both were clearly the least cooperative of any of the other 18 children. *sigh*

Apr 5, 2013

Weight Loss

I lost 5 pounds in the past few months and made my goal of getting back to pre pregnancy weight by the time Big Mac turned a year old. It was quite a bit of work this time around, not as easy as I remember it being after Kins. Probably because it's harder to get out and get exercise or to fit it in at home even on the elliptical. With just Kins I could go hiking all the time with Tooter, we could just carry our kids. Now that I have two, I can't go hiking unless I've got Tim with me to carry one kid. Ideally, I would still like to lose another 5 pounds, the extra that I've had since before Kins was born. It will be hard to stay motivated since I feel like I look ok now without all that extra work, but I'm going to try to very slowly keep losing a little until I get there.

Here's my before and after. Not very dramatic, but I do feel quite a bit better about how I look now.

Apr 4, 2013


Last night Kins kept calling me back into her bedroom after I had gone downstairs and was attempting to eat a snack and watch Modern Family with Tim. After about the 4th time I went upstairs I started to feel very frustrated. She kept asking me to take her downstairs each time I came up, and I kept telling her no and explaining to her that it was night time and she needed to sleep so we could play tomorrow. I told her that I was tired and wanted to sleep too, and that when she yelled at me, I had to get up and I really didn't want to get up, I wanted to sleep. After my 5th trip or so to her room I contemplated telling her she would go to time out next time she yelled. She started to seem emotional, and I wasn't masking very well that I was feeling frustrated. Not that I was yelling at her, but it was in my voice and face. I carried her to bed and told her a story about a girl named Kins who kept yelling at her mama, even though her mama was sooooo tired and wanted to sit and rest without coming into Kins room over and over. She wasn't any more ready to go to sleep after that story. She begged me to tell her a story about curious george and a giraffe and some other animal. I gave in and got cuddled up with her in bed. I decided to not worry about time anymore and just enjoy cuddling with her, and I thought about how I would probably give anything for her to want to cuddle like that with me in a few years. I started to get into the story and she started to look very calm and sleepy. It seemed that she was feeling my relaxing and it was just what she needed. Suddenly, she sat up, leaned in close, put her hand on my cheek, and said earnestly, "I love you Mama." My heart nearly exploded. Life just doesn't get any better. She says I love you sporadically fairly often, and usually says it back to us if we say it first, but this is the first time I've ever seen that she truly understands exactly what it means.

Apr 2, 2013

One Year

Big Mac has changed quite a bit in this past month. I remember with Kins month 11 was pretty exciting too. He said his first for sure word, and then quickly added a few more. We though he was saying Dada, but he says it a lot when not seeing Tim too, so that one is still hard to nail down. Things he obviously says and sounds he makes are: cat, dog, thank you (like here when handing over his stick)
 mmmmmm (predictable that he would say that quickly), vrrrooom when seeing a toy car or play driving it around, and peek a boo. When I'm working out and he's in the back carrier, he likes to lean around my back and say, "peek a boo!" in his cute little baby voice. He was doing it when I took this picture.
He obviously knows what other words mean that he doesn't use, like no. I use no a lot when he is about to shove not yet identified items into his mouth. This happens often. When I say it, he stops moving his hand toward his mouth, and quickly holds the item out to me to inspect until he gets the ok or else is forced to give up the item.
He tries to sing. When he hears music and especially when Kins is singing he loves to sing along.

The day before his birthday he started walking everywhere instead of just taking a few steps at a time between holding on to things, and has almost stopped crawling entirely.
He pushed Kins for the first time this past week. She tried to push him aside so she could look out the window at the cat, and he was not gonna have any of that. Not the most wonderful milestone, but what she gives she is now starting to get. Her days of being the most powerful kid are numbered. Lucky for her he idolizes her, and I don't think he will push often if she isn't instigating it.

He is a cuddly boy when he's not on the move. He often toddles over to me for hugs and cuddles, giving his his toothy grin and a chuckle. I think he is the perfect mixture of sweet and busy for a little boy. Here's an example of busy. He likes picking up sticks and digging.
Here he is after eating some leftover birthday cake. He remains a passionate eater. I think Tim got video of him devouring a full sized birthday cupcake in less than one minute.

Cause and Effect

Kins told me that when she was potty trained, she would then get BIIIGGG boobers. She pulled her pajamas away from her chest on both sides to emphasize just how big these things were gonna be. I have never added ers on the end of the word boob before, so that just made it more hilarious. We hope that she doesn't wait until she gets boobers to agree to use the potty though.
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