Steps and 11 Months

He snoozes some on my back just about daily. I often work out on the elliptical with him on my back. I do it a couple hours after he wakes up, which is good timing for him to take a power nap. It's cool because he's used to sleeping on my back and it's pretty easy for him to snooze there if I'm out and about and he's desperate for a nap. This is going to be extremely handy with hiking season coming up! Kins is to the point where missing her nap is no longer a disaster, so, I've got visions of long hikes in my head as summer approaches.
Big Mac accidentally took a couple steps without realizing what he was doing a couple months ago, but a couple of days ago he started doing it often and on purpose. He likes to practice. I think about 4 steps is his record so far, but with his persistence, he will probably master it soon.

When you ask him to, he waves, claps, jumps and sometimes will give hugs. He backs safely down stairs. He enjoys crawling up the stairs, and backing down. He will do this for half an hour or longer. I usually get bored before he does. He also enjoys opening and then slamming shut the gate at the bottom of the stairs. These accomplishments are all documented in the video below.

He tries to put rings on ring stacker and remove them again. He also fits the alphabet fridge magnets into the space where they go to make the toy sing. He loves figuring out how things work. He opens and closes doors of any type, full sized doors, or tiny little doors on toys. He gets frustrated if one locks and he can't get it open again.

He seems to say dada, but we aren't positive he means it yet. He copies sounds like dada, mama, baba, and blowing raspberries. He tries to copy dogs barking or cats meowing.

He hasn't growing too much this month, still about 28.5 inches tall and close to 21 pounds.
hasn't grown much this month, still about 28.5 inches tall and 21 pounds.

He eats twice overnight most nights. Sometimes he wakes another time or two and cries for a few minutes, but less than he used to. I am working on phasing out one of the feedings, but I'm not sure how successful I'll be yet. Even if I fail, we're doing so much better than we used to with the two feedings.

Despite being very busy most of the time, diligently working to figure out how everything in his path works, he always makes time for snuggles inbetween. He will go from being absorbed in a task, to suddenly making a mad scramble for Tim or I, complaining loudly if we don't pick him up the moment he decides it's of dire importance. Tim can hardly ever get away with walking past without Big Mac wanting to be held. It's flattering, but can be a bit of a problem during work hours. I have to come up with quick distractions to convince him he can part with daddy for a little while.

The one year mark is coming right up. I'm working on putting together a video of him and Kins meeting for the first time and some moments through his first year. It's so sweet seeing newborn videos of him. 


  1. He's certainly learning fast. And he does love to practice his skills. What a cute little guy. I'm looking forward to the 1 year video.

  2. That's so adorable that he'll insist on daddy cuddles when he sees Tim during the day. I can see where that could be a bit problematic if Tim's trying to get work done, though. I'm excited to see the year video as well. Your mentioning the newborn videos just made me remember the first time I saw his sweet little newborn smile. I was holding him while you were trying to catch up on a little sleep and suddenly he gave me one of those huge, delighted smiles that give off more warm fuzzies than sunshine.


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