Kins has formed a deep seated hatred for clothes other than pajamas. Getting her dressed in order to go out of the house nearly always involves time out. Otherwise, she's kicking like a mule while I try to get her dressed. If I could fit her shoes on over her pajamas, I'd just let her wear the things everywhere. The cloth feet in public places though, too gross. As soon as we return home, she realized she can now put on her pajamas, and she finds them and changes her clothes by herself.

We are the 1%. Of unpotty trained kids that is. I was reading how something like 99% of kids are potty trained, at least during waking hours, by the age of 3. Kins can pee on command, and will do it when she feels like it. But, much like getting her to agree to get dressed, the only way I can get her to try frequently enough that she doesn't end up having accidents is time out. I have tried bribery of every sort. Small toys, stickers, candy, promises of outings, you name it, I've tried it. Sometimes a bribe will work a few times, but then she is impervious. She knows I want her to do it, thus she often will cut off her nose to spite her face. NO CANDY! NOOOO TOY! If I ask her if she'd rather get in trouble or sit on the potty, she usually sits on the potty without much fuss. But, it just feels wrong, using punishment to accomplish potty training. Well, we are doing better than ever at least. This week has been the first where she will pee when I do manage to get her on the potty.

After much hard work, I have finally gotten Big Mac sleeping through his 1 am feeding. Now, instead of waking at 1 and 5 to eat, he wakes at 2:30 and 6. Crap. More work to be done.

A few days ago, I sat outside in a light jacket and pants and read. It felt great. I felt warm and I wasn't even wearing gloves or a hat. Ahhh. My favorite time of year. When I'm checking the weather daily and feeling a surge of elation when I see it's going to be over 50 and sunny. This summer I'm going to run more. The kids both do really well in the stroller for about an hour. Big Mac should only be waking up once a night by the time it gets hot early.

Two months of hard work dieting and working out daily has bought me half an inch less on my hips and about 3 pounds less fat overall. I'm back to my pre pregnancy weight. I'm going to attempt to take it a bit further and get back to my college weight. I feel good where I am, but I think the best I can be is about 5 pounds less.

Big Mac loves his daddy so much. When he hasn't seen Tim all day and sees him for the first time he starts jumping up and down frantically,laughing, and shrieking, "Daaaa!!! Daaa!!!!" Flattery at it's best!


  1. If it's any colsolation, Jonniker has a four-year old daughter that isn't potty trained, or at least wasn't recently. She's talked about it before in here Twitter feed. Specifically, she was having trouble finding diapers that were big enough.

  2. If Kins is sitting on the potty and producing something a few times a day, that's good progress!

  3. Elizabeth, I'll never struggle with not finding big enough diapers, even if she's not potty trained until 6 I'm sure!

  4. really? that 1% statistic really surprises me. of course, both she and bears have known what to do for a really long time so maybe that counts as being potty trained? I have a hard time believing that less than 1% of 3-year-olds are too willful to go potty on command.


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