She has learned to pedal and steer at the same time. One cool thing about our new house is there is a whole circle where the kids can go in laps around the house, centering around the stairway upstairs.
Paying strict attention in ballet class.
He loves opening and closing the blinds. Double bonus if he sees Zeus outside or hears him meow.
She has been obsessed with dressing up lately. I don't know if you could guess, but she put together this outfit on her own and put it on herself too. Last night I looked at the video monitor to see if she was asleep yet, last I'd checked she had been changing outfits. I saw her laying down, ready to fall asleep, wearing.... my underwear and one of Tim's socks. She had left her diaper on, but that's all she had on otherwise. I had put a pile of laundry in her room and had noticed that a couple of our things got mixed in with hers, but hadn't taken them back to our room yet. She had put her legs in the wrong holes of the underwear and hiked them up to the middle of her back, so it appeared she was wearing a sexy black thong. She had Tim's sock on one foot. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. I was laughing so hard I was crying and in hysterics. She was quite pleased that she had made me laugh so hard. I only wish I had taken a picture.
After a walk along the Jordan River, Laura and I saw this forensics truck parked in the same parking lot as us. You always hear about bodies being found and various crimes being committed along the river. We were wondering if it has to be a murder or a rape for forensics to be involved. Do they investigate other more minor crimes?

Helping Papa keep his balance.
It's been getting warm enough to spend time on the porch. The sandbox has been a big hit. Bic Mac is finally starting to play with the sand instead of being on a mission to shove it in his mouth when I look away for a split second and don't stop him in time.
He and Kins like to play in the playhouse too. It was the previous owner's dog house, but I scrubbed it down and lysoled it, and I'm glad I did, because there have been hours spent playing with it.
We picked up a couple of night stands off KSL and the kids loved how they could climb inside and hide from each other.
Wrestling with Papa.
Kins likes to get into his crib with him. It's a real treat for him too.


  1. haha ahhh I lolled pretty big time at just the description of her putting on your underpants and tim's sock. yes, too bad there's no picture of that one. Big Mac really looks like a little boy in that picture where papa's wrestling with the two of them. so exciting and so sad that he's really growing up.

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