She really enjoys having her picture taken.
 Big Mac is toddling a bit on his own, and he is also allowing me to hold his hand so he can walk further at a time. He used to pull his arm away so that he could crawl to his destination by himself, Mr. independent. He seems to think the walking thing is kinda cool though, sometimes cool enough to allow his mama to hold his hand. He especially enjoyed when his big sister held his other hand.
 We got Kins a new tricycle because she still can't reach the pedals very well on the one she already had. Big Mac loves to ride on one of the trikes when she is on the other.
 For a few days she really liked to cuddle up in the playpen with stories while I worked out. She seems to be over it now though.
 Our snowy/melty lane. It's muddy right now, this was a few weeks ago. She started out avoiding the puddles.
 She soon realized walking in the puddles is the way to go.
 Petting the horses at our destination.

 He loves crawling under the end tables. I turned them upside down so he can't fall when he gets out.
 Smoochy lips. This picture makes me think of a teenage girl's facebook profile picture.
 Sick. She got a stomach bug with a high fever and it took her down hard for several days. All she wanted to do was cuddle and watch cartoons.
 She showed Big Mac how to crawl into a cubby.

  I finally bought her a couple of things for her ballet class.

 I had a little birthday party for Tim at a bowling alley.  Here's Kins with her cousin. She had fun bowling for about half a game.


  1. The one where you say Kins reminds you of a teenage FB profile reminds me of this Utah blogger (friends with Dooce) whose website is entirely dedicated to people making duck faces.

    I think you should submit Kins' picture for consideration.

  2. Both kids show how much they're growing up sitting on the trikes and walking outdoors. Love Kins' big eyes in the cubby. She models her ballet clothes quite stylishly.

  3. So many cute pictures. I think my favorite is Kins in the cubby. I love her huge eyes. It's so cute that Max seems to want to attempt whatever she happens to be doing. That's a pretty clever idea to turn the end tables upside down.


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