Big Mac makes car sounds when moving along car or train toys. He tries hard to copy any noise you make at him. He can roar, and he jumps excitedly when he does. I still think he says dada, but I can't be positive yet. He seemed to be trying to say "more" for food today. That would be very fitting for more to be the first word that he uses properly instead of just repeating the sounds. Cat is another one that I think he understands. He's getting so much more communicative. I can tell he understands a lot of my tones and body language as well as words.

He does best on two naps these days. He's good at adapting and can do a power nap  for one of them, but it's not ideal, he really needs about 3 hours of napping between his two naps. He has been eating just once per night!! I should have led with that. He sometimes still wakes up earlier, but he doesn't cry for long when he does and goes back to sleep. I watch him on the video monitor and I can see him sitting there scoping the situation out while he cries with a calm look on his face. Then he will drop down to go to sleep and wiggle around happily, settling in for a few more hours.

Curly Fry has almost totally outgrown her nap. She does ok without one, and she won't take it if I try to put her in her room at nap time. She does pass out in the stroller or the car sometimes in the early evenings, so she seems just a tad short on sleep due to no napping. She plays well on her own for awhile during the nap time though, so I can still get some reading in.


  1. Yes, "More" would be the perfect first word for Big Mac! Can't wait to hear him roar and make truck sounds.

  2. His roar and the accompanying bouncing really was so cute. it was much softer than I expected when you first described it, which I think just made it cuter. I still can't believe that he's officially becoming a toddler. crazy that he's making truck sounds already. isn't that something that most kids don't start doing till they're 2 or so?


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