Mar 20, 2013


She has learned to pedal and steer at the same time. One cool thing about our new house is there is a whole circle where the kids can go in laps around the house, centering around the stairway upstairs.
Paying strict attention in ballet class.
He loves opening and closing the blinds. Double bonus if he sees Zeus outside or hears him meow.
She has been obsessed with dressing up lately. I don't know if you could guess, but she put together this outfit on her own and put it on herself too. Last night I looked at the video monitor to see if she was asleep yet, last I'd checked she had been changing outfits. I saw her laying down, ready to fall asleep, wearing.... my underwear and one of Tim's socks. She had left her diaper on, but that's all she had on otherwise. I had put a pile of laundry in her room and had noticed that a couple of our things got mixed in with hers, but hadn't taken them back to our room yet. She had put her legs in the wrong holes of the underwear and hiked them up to the middle of her back, so it appeared she was wearing a sexy black thong. She had Tim's sock on one foot. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. I was laughing so hard I was crying and in hysterics. She was quite pleased that she had made me laugh so hard. I only wish I had taken a picture.
After a walk along the Jordan River, Laura and I saw this forensics truck parked in the same parking lot as us. You always hear about bodies being found and various crimes being committed along the river. We were wondering if it has to be a murder or a rape for forensics to be involved. Do they investigate other more minor crimes?

Helping Papa keep his balance.
It's been getting warm enough to spend time on the porch. The sandbox has been a big hit. Bic Mac is finally starting to play with the sand instead of being on a mission to shove it in his mouth when I look away for a split second and don't stop him in time.
He and Kins like to play in the playhouse too. It was the previous owner's dog house, but I scrubbed it down and lysoled it, and I'm glad I did, because there have been hours spent playing with it.
We picked up a couple of night stands off KSL and the kids loved how they could climb inside and hide from each other.
Wrestling with Papa.
Kins likes to get into his crib with him. It's a real treat for him too.

Mar 19, 2013


Big Mac makes car sounds when moving along car or train toys. He tries hard to copy any noise you make at him. He can roar, and he jumps excitedly when he does. I still think he says dada, but I can't be positive yet. He seemed to be trying to say "more" for food today. That would be very fitting for more to be the first word that he uses properly instead of just repeating the sounds. Cat is another one that I think he understands. He's getting so much more communicative. I can tell he understands a lot of my tones and body language as well as words.

He does best on two naps these days. He's good at adapting and can do a power nap  for one of them, but it's not ideal, he really needs about 3 hours of napping between his two naps. He has been eating just once per night!! I should have led with that. He sometimes still wakes up earlier, but he doesn't cry for long when he does and goes back to sleep. I watch him on the video monitor and I can see him sitting there scoping the situation out while he cries with a calm look on his face. Then he will drop down to go to sleep and wiggle around happily, settling in for a few more hours.

Curly Fry has almost totally outgrown her nap. She does ok without one, and she won't take it if I try to put her in her room at nap time. She does pass out in the stroller or the car sometimes in the early evenings, so she seems just a tad short on sleep due to no napping. She plays well on her own for awhile during the nap time though, so I can still get some reading in.

Mar 9, 2013


Kins has formed a deep seated hatred for clothes other than pajamas. Getting her dressed in order to go out of the house nearly always involves time out. Otherwise, she's kicking like a mule while I try to get her dressed. If I could fit her shoes on over her pajamas, I'd just let her wear the things everywhere. The cloth feet in public places though, too gross. As soon as we return home, she realized she can now put on her pajamas, and she finds them and changes her clothes by herself.

We are the 1%. Of unpotty trained kids that is. I was reading how something like 99% of kids are potty trained, at least during waking hours, by the age of 3. Kins can pee on command, and will do it when she feels like it. But, much like getting her to agree to get dressed, the only way I can get her to try frequently enough that she doesn't end up having accidents is time out. I have tried bribery of every sort. Small toys, stickers, candy, promises of outings, you name it, I've tried it. Sometimes a bribe will work a few times, but then she is impervious. She knows I want her to do it, thus she often will cut off her nose to spite her face. NO CANDY! NOOOO TOY! If I ask her if she'd rather get in trouble or sit on the potty, she usually sits on the potty without much fuss. But, it just feels wrong, using punishment to accomplish potty training. Well, we are doing better than ever at least. This week has been the first where she will pee when I do manage to get her on the potty.

After much hard work, I have finally gotten Big Mac sleeping through his 1 am feeding. Now, instead of waking at 1 and 5 to eat, he wakes at 2:30 and 6. Crap. More work to be done.

A few days ago, I sat outside in a light jacket and pants and read. It felt great. I felt warm and I wasn't even wearing gloves or a hat. Ahhh. My favorite time of year. When I'm checking the weather daily and feeling a surge of elation when I see it's going to be over 50 and sunny. This summer I'm going to run more. The kids both do really well in the stroller for about an hour. Big Mac should only be waking up once a night by the time it gets hot early.

Two months of hard work dieting and working out daily has bought me half an inch less on my hips and about 3 pounds less fat overall. I'm back to my pre pregnancy weight. I'm going to attempt to take it a bit further and get back to my college weight. I feel good where I am, but I think the best I can be is about 5 pounds less.

Big Mac loves his daddy so much. When he hasn't seen Tim all day and sees him for the first time he starts jumping up and down frantically,laughing, and shrieking, "Daaaa!!! Daaa!!!!" Flattery at it's best!

Mar 3, 2013


 She really enjoys having her picture taken.
 Big Mac is toddling a bit on his own, and he is also allowing me to hold his hand so he can walk further at a time. He used to pull his arm away so that he could crawl to his destination by himself, Mr. independent. He seems to think the walking thing is kinda cool though, sometimes cool enough to allow his mama to hold his hand. He especially enjoyed when his big sister held his other hand.
 We got Kins a new tricycle because she still can't reach the pedals very well on the one she already had. Big Mac loves to ride on one of the trikes when she is on the other.
 For a few days she really liked to cuddle up in the playpen with stories while I worked out. She seems to be over it now though.
 Our snowy/melty lane. It's muddy right now, this was a few weeks ago. She started out avoiding the puddles.
 She soon realized walking in the puddles is the way to go.
 Petting the horses at our destination.

 He loves crawling under the end tables. I turned them upside down so he can't fall when he gets out.
 Smoochy lips. This picture makes me think of a teenage girl's facebook profile picture.
 Sick. She got a stomach bug with a high fever and it took her down hard for several days. All she wanted to do was cuddle and watch cartoons.
 She showed Big Mac how to crawl into a cubby.

  I finally bought her a couple of things for her ballet class.

 I had a little birthday party for Tim at a bowling alley.  Here's Kins with her cousin. She had fun bowling for about half a game.

Mar 1, 2013

Steps and 11 Months

He snoozes some on my back just about daily. I often work out on the elliptical with him on my back. I do it a couple hours after he wakes up, which is good timing for him to take a power nap. It's cool because he's used to sleeping on my back and it's pretty easy for him to snooze there if I'm out and about and he's desperate for a nap. This is going to be extremely handy with hiking season coming up! Kins is to the point where missing her nap is no longer a disaster, so, I've got visions of long hikes in my head as summer approaches.
Big Mac accidentally took a couple steps without realizing what he was doing a couple months ago, but a couple of days ago he started doing it often and on purpose. He likes to practice. I think about 4 steps is his record so far, but with his persistence, he will probably master it soon.

When you ask him to, he waves, claps, jumps and sometimes will give hugs. He backs safely down stairs. He enjoys crawling up the stairs, and backing down. He will do this for half an hour or longer. I usually get bored before he does. He also enjoys opening and then slamming shut the gate at the bottom of the stairs. These accomplishments are all documented in the video below.

He tries to put rings on ring stacker and remove them again. He also fits the alphabet fridge magnets into the space where they go to make the toy sing. He loves figuring out how things work. He opens and closes doors of any type, full sized doors, or tiny little doors on toys. He gets frustrated if one locks and he can't get it open again.

He seems to say dada, but we aren't positive he means it yet. He copies sounds like dada, mama, baba, and blowing raspberries. He tries to copy dogs barking or cats meowing.

He hasn't growing too much this month, still about 28.5 inches tall and close to 21 pounds.
hasn't grown much this month, still about 28.5 inches tall and 21 pounds.

He eats twice overnight most nights. Sometimes he wakes another time or two and cries for a few minutes, but less than he used to. I am working on phasing out one of the feedings, but I'm not sure how successful I'll be yet. Even if I fail, we're doing so much better than we used to with the two feedings.

Despite being very busy most of the time, diligently working to figure out how everything in his path works, he always makes time for snuggles inbetween. He will go from being absorbed in a task, to suddenly making a mad scramble for Tim or I, complaining loudly if we don't pick him up the moment he decides it's of dire importance. Tim can hardly ever get away with walking past without Big Mac wanting to be held. It's flattering, but can be a bit of a problem during work hours. I have to come up with quick distractions to convince him he can part with daddy for a little while.

The one year mark is coming right up. I'm working on putting together a video of him and Kins meeting for the first time and some moments through his first year. It's so sweet seeing newborn videos of him. 
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