Tooter takes pictures

Really cute ones. Big Mac has a hard time napping outside of his crib these days unless I'm on the elliptical and he's on my back. He finally fell asleep in the carrier at her house, and he was sleeping really hard. She was inspired to take a few pictures.
He was groggy and snuggly when he woke up.

Bears wanted in on the shoot and then Kins posed like this for at least 20 seconds waiting for her picture to be taken.
After that one, she quickly changed up her pose. She wanted to show off her intellectual side.
Here she looks even more like Tim than usual.


  1. Big Mac looks a lot like you when you're both looking straight at the camera. Of course, Kins always looks like Tim...
    Tooter did a great job taking the pics.

  2. I'm glad you like the pictures. hard to go wrong with a ridiculously expensive camera/lens and such adorable subjects.


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