The Big Day

The big valentine's day, that is. The day I informed Tim that if he went by a gas station he'd damn well better purchase me a hershey's milk chocolate bar. He got me a classy box of chocolate from a real chocolate shop instead. It was tasty. And will probably still be tasty for at least the rest of today. After which, it will have all been consumed.

Which leads me straight into today's next topic: weight loss. It's been frustrating. I started working out for almost an hour every day at the beginning of January, and also gave up dessert. This plan lost me about a pound a week with Kins. Eating whatever else I pleased. Not so easy this time. I did see some results at first, but then I gained it back, and at the same time my face broke out and I kept feeling crampy all the time like my fertility was trying hard to make a come back. Then I remembered how when I went off the pill before Kins, the same thing happened, and I also gained 5 pounds. From what I understand, when your body gears up to ovulate, you get a rolling increase of estrogen before hand. If your body fails to ovulate, it tries again, with a steeper rise in estrogen this time. Estrogen causes acne, and it's also supposed to cause weight gain. So, I was very excited indeed when a week or so ago, I felt a tell tale pain in my side. One that's always corresponded with the days around ovulation. At the same time, I cut my net calories all the way back to under 1200 per day, and that's with nursing, so it's gotta really be more like 1000-1100 at the most. I don't know if it was cutting calories, or my hormones finally leveling out after accomplishing ovulation. Either way, I started losing weight again. The past 5 days I've been on a real roll, losing .2 pounds per day. I hope I can keep this up and be done losing weight soon. Maintenance number of calories is going to seem downright lavish compared to restricted weight loss levels.

We went for a long walk along our dirt lane. Kin's noticed the mud and said, "Groooosssss!" She stepped quickly out of it. Then she stepped back in. She smiled. And a love affair with mud and puddles was born. Soon enough, she was jumping and squishing her way along the lane, happy as a clam. She said hello to the horses, chased chickens, and after much prep work, learned to answer no when asked if she should run out into the road at the end of the lane. It didn't feel as miserably cold as usual. Big Mac sat happily in the carrier on my back, snug as a bug, and looking at the new sights. Must try to get out for walks on the lane more often.


  1. Ah, kids and mud puddles. I don't quite get the attraction, but it seems to be universal.
    Kins looks awfully cute in her heart puddle.

  2. ohhh we really need to get out there for a play date soon. possibly next week. I'm sure bears would just love to stomp in the mud with her.


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