Sleep and Big Mac

Big Mac is sleeping better than ever. He has started only waking twice to eat in his 11 hours of overnight sleep. I don't think this is actually very great for a nearly 11 month old, but it sure is great for us. I think I wrote before how he was sleeping better, and my memory is pretty shot so I can't really say how long that lasted, but it wasn't long. And I don't think it was ever this well. Before, I'd feed him around 11 before I went to bed, and then he would wake 2-3 more times before 8 am. It was always unpredictable when those 2-3 times would happen. And they kept happening, despite several different attempts at sleep training after having read just about every possible bit of information on sleep training available*. This past week, doing nothing new, he's actually woken at predictable times, around 1 and 5, and I've stopped his 11 pm feeding. I had tried stopping that one before, but it backfired because he would wake up half an hour after I fell asleep. It's nice that he's not doing that anymore. I'm too afraid of sleep regression to attempt to fade out his 1 am feeding just yet, I don't want to change up what's working for us. But, I'm starting to think that one feeding a night might eventually happen without much complaint from the Big Mac. The day is coming.

* Which is all different, by the way, about half of it directly contradicts the other half. Feed them before you go to bed. Don't feed them before you go to bed. Cluster feed before bedtime. No, make them go longer stretches so they don't get used to grazing. The contradictions go on and on. So frustrating.


  1. I'm glad he's finally sleeping better. Eventually, he might even sleep through the night without eating!


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