Lately, it's been freezing. We attempt to get out at least once on the weekends, usually resulting in not wanting to go out to play much for another week. Kins likes to play in the snow, even if it does take many layers of preparation. Can you find Big Mac? Maybe just his arm? This is how we roll on winter walks. Only his head pokes out of the huge coat I wear over both of us. He's usually content on walks and sleeps.
Snow angel.
Her one ballet outfit, a hand me down from April, who got it from her sister.
The parachute at the library is always a huge hit.
I've been trying really hard to work out every day. I usually have Big Mac on my back, and set Kins up with some type of art project. She gets bored before too long, and we resort to the ipad at that point.


  1. Kins looks pretty cute, all set up with her project. Funny to see the tutu with the fur hat. Quite a fashion statement!

  2. her ballerina picture is adorable. I'm pretty impressed with your crafts table. you've really got it all together if you're making a setup like that for her everyday. oh and does she just happen to have the same winter boots that Bears just grew out of or was I lucid enough to give them to you? I certainly don't remember doing any such thing but it sure would be nice to think that maybe I did.

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