Kins Says, Big Mac does

"Congratulations Daddy, you're a smart kid!" Daddy was just glowing after such a compliment.

Bic Mac stood for a full 10 seconds recently. He didn't realize he was doing it. He was holding onto a toy, and he thought he was holding onto something stable.

He went down our stairs by himself. I had my hand behind him just in case, but he turned around on his own, and backed down them solo.

We were reading Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site last night, and Kins suddenly said, "the trucks all cut themselves and they cry and they're sad". I was so confused until I noticed the line I had just read said that the truck "cut his engine". I explained to her how cut can mean something other than injure. She seemed pleased that the trucks had not all been terribly hurt.

In ballet class I was called to the stage by the instructor (in front of all the other parents) with these words, "Kins mom! Kins mom! Kins is telling the other girls that she pooped!" She did not actually poop. But, she did tell me that she told the other kids she was pooping. She was unable to explain why she told them this. A few minutes later, I saw her walk over to a fan and attempt to stick her finger in. I was running at top speed to stop her, but her instructor noticed in time too. Ballet was a bit more action packed today than I prefer. Speaking of ballet, she is doing better. Following along most of the time, wandering off the stage less often. at this rate, she may actually do some of her dance at the big dance recital in a month.


  1. Ballet is so good for them... My daughter started when she was two... Still dancing 22 years an instructor... Hotrod does creative movement and is starting tap this week... so good for their coordination skills

  2. Aw, poor trucks. Kins is very sympathetic.
    I wonder if she thinks all pooping is to be admired. Maybe she needs some instruction that only potty pooping is good!

  3. that's quite impressive that max successfully navigated stairs by himself. and so sad about those trucks cutting their engines...


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