Xmas Pics

Oops. Just noticed I forgot to publish this. Better late than never?
 At the aquarium with Uncle Eric. Obviously VERY excited about having defaced the canoe scene by pulling out a blade of fake grass.
Something about this expression cracks me up. Or maybe it's that she's wearing a robe. She loves this robe. I used to put her in wearable blankets, but she's recently learned how to unzip them and removes them every night before going to sleep. Even though I sewed them specially in an attempt to thwart her. All I've done is make it harder for me to unzip them. I gave up the day I was struggling to take it off her and she goes, "Let me help you," and proceeded to start unzipping it herself. Now I ask if she wants it on at night, she says no, and hopefully she wears the robe. We keep it very chilly at night, so with just jammies it's pretty cold.
 They both love the car, especially being pushed around in it.
 They both napped on our backs while out hiking up millcreek canyon.
 Eric and Anita, who visited us for a week for xmas along with Brama and Papa. It was a blast and over too fast, just like most visits and vacations I guess.
 The scene up Millcreek canyon.
 Building gingerbread sleighs that Brama brought.
Kins very in the Christmas spirit.


  1. that picture of zoey in her robe makes me lol too. something about the whole thing reminds me of a very busy, tired mommy who's patient enough pause and smile very politely to get her picture taken...even though she's got a million things to do. Grocery shopping, for one.

  2. Hmm, I think I recognize most of these...
    Love Curly Fry in shopping mode. She does have a cute expression, so serious and mature.


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