Video and a Kins Says

Big Mac was saying, "Ba ba ba ba!" looking at her, and she copied him. He laughed like crazy and they went back and forth that way a few times. Then, she looked at me and said, "I'm Ba-thering him!" Cracking jokes already.

I accidentally put part of Kins ballet class in the middle of the rest of the video. But, most of the ballet class stuff is at the end and possibly not too exciting for non related people. You know, unlike the rest of the footage, which I expect to go viral shortly... haha. She is the smallest one with the black and white striped leg warmers.


  1. It's fun to see Big Mac and Curly Fry playing together. Big Mac has clapping down now. And Curly is doing much better on her ballet. Her tutu sure is cute, too.

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  3. huh. thought I left a comment on this already? ah well. That clapping part is so cute. and I love the huge smile max has on his face all while playing with zoey. He sure does seem to idolize her. oh and I'm non related and I still thought the ballet stuff was pretty riveting.


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