Pictures and Happenings

Kins still likes to sleep with her light on. Makes it easy to take pictures of her asleep.This night she played with her little car, duck, and fish friends on her pillow until she fell asleep mid play.
She is finally forward facing in her carseat. The current recommendation is to keep kids rear facing as long as their carseat will allow, and Kins is so tiny that I could've done that another year easily. Her legs were getting pretty crunched up with her feet against the back of the seat though, and she kept taking off her shoes every car ride since her feet were right there taunting her. I figured making it to 3 was good enough. Now that she's front facing, Max is infinitely happier in the car. Now he can see her the whole drive, a dream come true. He laughs at every bit of attention she throws his way. You can faintly see him grinning in the mirror.
Kins started ballet/creative dance this week. The other kids mostly stayed in their assigned spot while following along with the instructor's movements pretty well. Kins wandered around and lost her place often, and gaped at the other children. Occasionally, she would shyly imitate a move. Then she went and hid the janitor closet. Hmm. Maybe she will get more into it later? She did really enjoy herself. She just wasn't doing what she was supposed to be. During the parts where each kid was supposed to do something one at a time, she did fine, but the group stuff, way too overwhelming. She was also one of the only ones not in a skirt. She did get a hand me down tutu, I'll put her in it next time.
My chubby boy.
Tim built shelving for our mudroom area. I cut cardboard boxes to size and covered the visible parts with fabric. It's made it a lot easier to keep track of all of our winter gear.
Her aviator hat, complete with goggled, that I scored off of ebay for $3, and that included shipping.
Jogging on the draper path. We had hoped it would have been salted, sometimes it's maintained. Not this time. It was slippery and then we realized it was 8 degrees out. Not the best day to decide to go jogging.


  1. That first pic looks angelic. All those curls!
    Yes, 8 degrees is a bit chilly for a jog with kids and the double stroller. Hoping for some warmer weather soon.

  2. lol I love max's wooden spoon toy in the car. looks like some good times. that picture really makes me want to change the configuration in the car so that the boys can face each other. the picture of zoey sleeping is so sweet.


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