Kins says and random

She understands how to correctly use you and I now. It's so cute when I'll say something to her in front of Tim, and she turns to him and tells him what I said. I'll say, "I love you!" and she turns to Tim, who is 3 feet away, and says, "She loves me!"

She attempts to put me off often these days. Just a minutes, or not right now. I like how she really does usually mean just a minute. I asked her to throw a diaper away, which she actually likes to do normally, and she said just a minute. She finished up what she was doing, came back to me, and said, "Ok. Now I can throw the diaper away."

I was having a really hard time doing anything at all around the house for awhile there. I'd be checking on Max every 30 seconds to make sure he wasn't being abused by Kins or wasn't getting into a predicament that would result in a more painful lesson than I'd like him to learn. I like him to take his tumbles on carpet, so when he's on the tile I'm usually spotting him. So, I put up a huge play area for him that Kins cant get into. I'm loving being able to clean the kitchen about 5x faster. If he's just up in the morning or from a nap he will play for 10 or 20 minutes happily by himself. After that, he wants me in there with him. Which is still nice, because I can lay in there reading a book, and he just crawls all over me and plays happily. I could never lay and read before, he would've been off across the house adventuring. He still likes exploring freely best of all of course.

Last night was night 4 in a row that Max has only needed to eat once between 11 pm and 8 am. And, two of those nights, the time he woke up to eat was the only time he woke up that whole time. He did wake up once or twice more the other two nights, but settled himself back to sleep without me and without too much crying or crying too hard. Well, I assume that last part is true. He has woken so often in the past, that I actually sleep through a certain level of crying very effectively. I'm always unintentionally letting him cry it out because of this. I (think?) I wake up if he's crying very frantically. But, rhythmic low level crying, it's come to be a sort of lullaby. I'm hopeful that his sleeping is really turning around. I would be thrilled if he got into a predictable groove of waking just once a night to eat. I know babies are ready to sleep without eating overnight by his age, but, compared to waking 3 or more times per night, just once is a sweet deal for me. I feel like I'm coming out a fog. My short term memory is back. It's so cool.

I'm on a mission to be back to my prepregnancy weight by the time Max is a year old. I'm about 5 pounds away and have been since like 3 months after he was born. Now that he's sleeping better I feel more motivated to tackle that last 5 pounds. I'm on day 3 of absolutely no dessert. Probably a record since I did no dessert after Kins was born. And I've been working about for almost an hour each day for over a week now, plus some sit ups here and there when I remember. Max does pretty well chilling in the carrier while I use the elliptical, usually my work out ends up being a nap for him.


  1. You can do it! Desserts are my weakness too. I can reduce my carbs but don't take away my chocolate.

  2. lol I know just what you mean about the crying being about like a lullaby. There's much of it these days that often later on in the night, I'll sleep through quite a bit of it. It's so exciting that you're finally getting some decent sleep. And you managed the no dessert thing after zoey so I know you can this time...what I don't know is how on earth you can find the willpower. I can't even dream of pulling off such a diet.

  3. The Max play area is a great idea. No grabbing Kins' stuff! And Mom gets a bit of a break.+


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