Kins says and Max does

I have a gate across the entry to the part of the room where Kin's bed is. If I give her free rein all of her clothes from her dresser ends up piled on the floor. During her nap time I had thought she was still sleeping, because I hadn't heard a peep on the monitor. I went quietly upstairs to get Max when he woke up, and found Kins sitting on the floor near his room, playing on the ipad very quietly. I asked her how she got out of her room, and she promptly confessed, "I went under the bed, and I got stuck."

Max can cruise along walls now, his legs are strong enough to support him without hanging on something, he just needs help with his balance. He's finally getting good enough at cruising around that I don't have to constantly spot him when he's on the tile floor, because he doesn't fall very often anymore.

I told Kins at bedtime that in the morning Daddy would take her out to play in the new snow. When checking on her at 3 am after feeding Max, she woke up, sat up, and said, "Mama! Now we can go play in the snow!" Hm. A little premature. I told her that it wasn't morning yet and she was okay with it and went back to sleep.

Max was exploring part of the house where there shouldn't have been any cheerios on the floor, when Kins came to me and informed me that he had a cheerio in his mouth. I checked, and he had a chokeable piece of red mystery plastic in his mouth. A few hours later, she went and grabbed a chisel from him (great parenting around here... Tim had been doing a project with it I guess) and told him that wasn't safe. She put it up high where he couldn't reach.


  1. Ah, good for Kins! She's becoming a helpful big sister already.

  2. man. I'm really impressed with zoey's budding protective sister skills. Bears often likes to contend that Biscuits really IS big enough for certain things...such as scissors, for instance. It's doubtful that I can expect help like this from him anytime soon. Crazy that max's cruising skills have gotten so good that you don't really have to worry about him on the tile anymore.


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