Kins in the Morning

Kins often refuses to nap and ends up playing in her room by herself for an hour or two instead. I would say as much as half the time she does this. I let her play on her own until she asks to come out, or until it's been 2 hours. These playing on her own skills have really paid off as far as Tim and I getting to sleep in the morning (assuming Max sleeps in too). We never know when she actually woke up, because she is nearly always already awake when we look at the video monitor. Just playing very quietly. The quiet part comes from her learning to be super quiet if Max is sleeping. She whispers and reprimands me if I do anything loud when he is asleep. As soon as he's up, she tells me that now we can yell. She may literally starve herself for days at a time when I run trial periods of letting her feed herself, and only eat enough to sustain herself when I give up on the idea of not putting the food directly in her mouth, but she sure makes up for that area of difficulty in other ways.


  1. It's so cute when she sits in her room reading quietly. I don't think Max will be into playing quietly when he gets a little older. He'll be the noisemaker in the family.


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