December videos

The most amateur video compilation you may ever see. I thought I would stick a bunch of videos together, because I have tons of 1 minute video clips where there's only about 10 seconds of entertaining footage. I thought it would work well to put them into one longer video. I added music in a few places where I saw fit, but then lost interest and didn't add any more. You'll notice terrible transitions throughout the whole video, cutting off my voice when responding to Kins, and abrupt ending of music. Overall though, it does the job for my purposes. I'm totally going to make more of these medleys soon.


  1. I hadn't seen some of the segments, like the one with Zoey playing with her horses. Pretty cute, at least from a brama's standpoint.

  2. haha I think my favorite part is the beginning where you clip to zoey's face in the jumperoo and she's looking really intense and close up at the camera. And the scenes with her playing with max are adorable. what's that one line? "I don't pinch you" or some such where she looks all proud of herself. lol. All in all quite high quality, I'd say. oh and the southern accent part was pretty amazing too. Man, you sure were ambitious trying to match different songs with different clips. Editing sure ends up taking a long time, even when you're trying to be casual about it. at least it does for me.


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