Big Mac is 10 months old

He is 28.5 inches long and about 21 pounds.

This month he mastered picking up any type of food. Before, he could do cheerios or other non slippery small bits, but he couldn't eat fruit very well unless the chunks were too big for me to feel comfortable with him eating for fear of choking. A lot of it still goes on the floor around him, but he is really getting good at picking up challenging small pieces. I think his favorite so far might be oranges. He can slam 'em down as fast as I can cut them up for him. He will eat almost an entire orange in one sitting. I haven't found anything that he doesn't like to eat yet. He loves to sit in his high chair and be given a variety of foods to explore.

He has gotten good about pulling up on things on the slippery tile floor without falling hardly ever anymore. When he does fall, he is usually able to do a controlled fall on his bottom or else catch himself with his hands. He loves being set free in the house to motor around looking at everything. He needs to be watched closely in some areas of the house, but he's learning how to be more safe.

He will clap when clapping is mentioned. He is so proud of his skill and beams while doing it. I think he knows what the word food means, naturally. He seems to get very attentive when he's complaining of hunger and I tell him I'm making him food.

He and Curly Fry are starting to really play together sometimes. Peek a boo, or her holding him around his waist while they are pushed around in the car. She talks to him and he eats it up. It's really fun to see them start to enjoy playing together a little bit. 

He loves his mama. If he gets hurt or he's tired, he crawls straight to me and lays his head on me. He's pretty much the sweetest.
Learning to back up the car.
Still got those chubbs.
Thrilled to be with Kins.


  1. I love how much he scrunches up his face when he smiles these days. it's really cute to see lots of pictures of them having fun together. I uh...feel like there was something else I was gonna comment on but I just realized that I've been staring at the screen blankly for a couple minutes now. this happens all too often lately. ah well. if I ever remember what it is, I'll just have to make another comment.

  2. He looks like a crazy driver in the second to last pic. Very cute one of Big Mac with Mom.


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