Big Mac and Curly Fry

I've thought about giving the kids nick names on the blog before, but never really thought it was a big deal. Still not sure it actually is, but I was reading up about internet safety, and better safe than sorry. I think it's a reasonable point that your kids may not necessarily want their names coming in in google searches later in life linking to all kinds of info about them. I usually write about Kins with a nick name already, but Big Mac never got a nick name up until now. He may also be featured as Mac n' Cheese, since that's what Kins likes to call him sometimes. Tim pointed out that if he's Big Mac, she ought to be Curly Fry, or maybe Little Fry. I think those are a bit more fitting for her than Kins, so I may use one of them regularly.


  1. lol Big Mac. certainly fitting. I think I might like mac 'n cheese even better though. I might be biased hearing that's what zoey's been calling him...or rather, curly fry's been calling him. this could get confusing.

  2. I like Curly Fry and Mac 'n Cheese. Both appropriate.

  3. yeah you never can be to careful these days...that's why I don't show Hotrods face...


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