9 Months

Max's last month has been a little rough, he had two colds, back to back, and an ear infection too. The better sleeping overnight that I mentioned in his 8 month blog, that went out the window when the inability to breath through his nose started, and it's yet to return. We also had company for a week right after he finally recovered, and so he was off a normal schedule. Today he had his first day in awhile where he woke up from both naps totally happy. Which  means he actually got enough sleep, and makes it a lot more likely that tonight he will sleep better. He is taking two naps these days, three has become too many for him. And he usually naps for at least a couple hours straight for one of those naps.

We think he might be saying dada when he sees Tim. He's done it a few times, but it's still too soon to say for sure.

He's 20 pounds, 5 more to go before he catches Kins. 

He crawls with his belly fully off the ground now, and he can crawl faster because of that. He cruises along furniture now, and is able to stand up on unstable things now, because he's not relying on them nearly as much as he used to in order to support himself. He can balance standing for a few seconds at a time.

An intense love a dancing has emerged this past month. The moment he hears music, he starts jamming out, bouncing up and down excitedly. 

This past month Kins has been sweeter with him. She is starting to seem less jealous and isn't as likely to scratch/shove him during any interactions. She's started sharing with him fairly often too and she likes to talk about him. He's very fast and has quite a grip, so unless she gets up on the couch with her toys, he pretty much always wants to speed over and eat whatever she's playing with. She's just the coolest in his opinion.

One day we were driving and Max was sobbing in his carseat. Kins started singing twinkle twinkle, and like a switch was flipped, he got silent instantly. She stopped singing, he started crying. She started again, he got quiet. It's so sweet how he admires her and how everything she does piques his interest.

He's such a social guy, making friends with people everywhere he goes. He loves going out in the carrier on my back. He sits happily just watching everyone and looking at all the new scenery.


  1. holy crap. he's about to stand by himself for a bit already? seems like he'll be walking around within the month at this rate. that's so cute that zoey singing calmed him right down. I certainly can't blame him for idolizing his sister so much; she is pretty darn cool.

  2. ps I'm really not confident that my use of the semicolon was correct there but I feel like the chance of looking scholarly is well worth the risk.

  3. Kins must be loving all the admiration, not that it's become so obvious. Sweet that he enjoys her singing. Now she can soothe him for you when he's upset, at least while in the car.

  4. In my opinion, the semicolon was perfectly correct, T. Squats, and quite scholarly, too.

  5. Can't believe he's 9 months already

  6. I love the idea that Zoey can calm him. She's like the Pied Piper!


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