Jan 31, 2013

Xmas Pics

Oops. Just noticed I forgot to publish this. Better late than never?
 At the aquarium with Uncle Eric. Obviously VERY excited about having defaced the canoe scene by pulling out a blade of fake grass.
Something about this expression cracks me up. Or maybe it's that she's wearing a robe. She loves this robe. I used to put her in wearable blankets, but she's recently learned how to unzip them and removes them every night before going to sleep. Even though I sewed them specially in an attempt to thwart her. All I've done is make it harder for me to unzip them. I gave up the day I was struggling to take it off her and she goes, "Let me help you," and proceeded to start unzipping it herself. Now I ask if she wants it on at night, she says no, and hopefully she wears the robe. We keep it very chilly at night, so with just jammies it's pretty cold.
 They both love the car, especially being pushed around in it.
 They both napped on our backs while out hiking up millcreek canyon.
 Eric and Anita, who visited us for a week for xmas along with Brama and Papa. It was a blast and over too fast, just like most visits and vacations I guess.
 The scene up Millcreek canyon.
 Building gingerbread sleighs that Brama brought.
Kins very in the Christmas spirit.

Jan 30, 2013

Big Mac is 10 months old

He is 28.5 inches long and about 21 pounds.

This month he mastered picking up any type of food. Before, he could do cheerios or other non slippery small bits, but he couldn't eat fruit very well unless the chunks were too big for me to feel comfortable with him eating for fear of choking. A lot of it still goes on the floor around him, but he is really getting good at picking up challenging small pieces. I think his favorite so far might be oranges. He can slam 'em down as fast as I can cut them up for him. He will eat almost an entire orange in one sitting. I haven't found anything that he doesn't like to eat yet. He loves to sit in his high chair and be given a variety of foods to explore.

He has gotten good about pulling up on things on the slippery tile floor without falling hardly ever anymore. When he does fall, he is usually able to do a controlled fall on his bottom or else catch himself with his hands. He loves being set free in the house to motor around looking at everything. He needs to be watched closely in some areas of the house, but he's learning how to be more safe.

He will clap when clapping is mentioned. He is so proud of his skill and beams while doing it. I think he knows what the word food means, naturally. He seems to get very attentive when he's complaining of hunger and I tell him I'm making him food.

He and Curly Fry are starting to really play together sometimes. Peek a boo, or her holding him around his waist while they are pushed around in the car. She talks to him and he eats it up. It's really fun to see them start to enjoy playing together a little bit. 

He loves his mama. If he gets hurt or he's tired, he crawls straight to me and lays his head on me. He's pretty much the sweetest.
Learning to back up the car.
Still got those chubbs.
Thrilled to be with Kins.

Jan 29, 2013

Video and a Kins Says

Big Mac was saying, "Ba ba ba ba!" looking at her, and she copied him. He laughed like crazy and they went back and forth that way a few times. Then, she looked at me and said, "I'm Ba-thering him!" Cracking jokes already.

I accidentally put part of Kins ballet class in the middle of the rest of the video. But, most of the ballet class stuff is at the end and possibly not too exciting for non related people. You know, unlike the rest of the footage, which I expect to go viral shortly... haha. She is the smallest one with the black and white striped leg warmers.

Jan 20, 2013

Big Mac and Curly Fry

I've thought about giving the kids nick names on the blog before, but never really thought it was a big deal. Still not sure it actually is, but I was reading up about internet safety, and better safe than sorry. I think it's a reasonable point that your kids may not necessarily want their names coming in in google searches later in life linking to all kinds of info about them. I usually write about Kins with a nick name already, but Big Mac never got a nick name up until now. He may also be featured as Mac n' Cheese, since that's what Kins likes to call him sometimes. Tim pointed out that if he's Big Mac, she ought to be Curly Fry, or maybe Little Fry. I think those are a bit more fitting for her than Kins, so I may use one of them regularly.

Jan 17, 2013

Kins in the Morning

Kins often refuses to nap and ends up playing in her room by herself for an hour or two instead. I would say as much as half the time she does this. I let her play on her own until she asks to come out, or until it's been 2 hours. These playing on her own skills have really paid off as far as Tim and I getting to sleep in the morning (assuming Max sleeps in too). We never know when she actually woke up, because she is nearly always already awake when we look at the video monitor. Just playing very quietly. The quiet part comes from her learning to be super quiet if Max is sleeping. She whispers and reprimands me if I do anything loud when he is asleep. As soon as he's up, she tells me that now we can yell. She may literally starve herself for days at a time when I run trial periods of letting her feed herself, and only eat enough to sustain herself when I give up on the idea of not putting the food directly in her mouth, but she sure makes up for that area of difficulty in other ways.

Jan 16, 2013

Pictures and Happenings

Kins still likes to sleep with her light on. Makes it easy to take pictures of her asleep.This night she played with her little car, duck, and fish friends on her pillow until she fell asleep mid play.
She is finally forward facing in her carseat. The current recommendation is to keep kids rear facing as long as their carseat will allow, and Kins is so tiny that I could've done that another year easily. Her legs were getting pretty crunched up with her feet against the back of the seat though, and she kept taking off her shoes every car ride since her feet were right there taunting her. I figured making it to 3 was good enough. Now that she's front facing, Max is infinitely happier in the car. Now he can see her the whole drive, a dream come true. He laughs at every bit of attention she throws his way. You can faintly see him grinning in the mirror.
Kins started ballet/creative dance this week. The other kids mostly stayed in their assigned spot while following along with the instructor's movements pretty well. Kins wandered around and lost her place often, and gaped at the other children. Occasionally, she would shyly imitate a move. Then she went and hid the janitor closet. Hmm. Maybe she will get more into it later? She did really enjoy herself. She just wasn't doing what she was supposed to be. During the parts where each kid was supposed to do something one at a time, she did fine, but the group stuff, way too overwhelming. She was also one of the only ones not in a skirt. She did get a hand me down tutu, I'll put her in it next time.
My chubby boy.
Tim built shelving for our mudroom area. I cut cardboard boxes to size and covered the visible parts with fabric. It's made it a lot easier to keep track of all of our winter gear.
Her aviator hat, complete with goggled, that I scored off of ebay for $3, and that included shipping.
Jogging on the draper path. We had hoped it would have been salted, sometimes it's maintained. Not this time. It was slippery and then we realized it was 8 degrees out. Not the best day to decide to go jogging.

Jan 13, 2013

Kins says and Max does

I have a gate across the entry to the part of the room where Kin's bed is. If I give her free rein all of her clothes from her dresser ends up piled on the floor. During her nap time I had thought she was still sleeping, because I hadn't heard a peep on the monitor. I went quietly upstairs to get Max when he woke up, and found Kins sitting on the floor near his room, playing on the ipad very quietly. I asked her how she got out of her room, and she promptly confessed, "I went under the bed, and I got stuck."

Max can cruise along walls now, his legs are strong enough to support him without hanging on something, he just needs help with his balance. He's finally getting good enough at cruising around that I don't have to constantly spot him when he's on the tile floor, because he doesn't fall very often anymore.

I told Kins at bedtime that in the morning Daddy would take her out to play in the new snow. When checking on her at 3 am after feeding Max, she woke up, sat up, and said, "Mama! Now we can go play in the snow!" Hm. A little premature. I told her that it wasn't morning yet and she was okay with it and went back to sleep.

Max was exploring part of the house where there shouldn't have been any cheerios on the floor, when Kins came to me and informed me that he had a cheerio in his mouth. I checked, and he had a chokeable piece of red mystery plastic in his mouth. A few hours later, she went and grabbed a chisel from him (great parenting around here... Tim had been doing a project with it I guess) and told him that wasn't safe. She put it up high where he couldn't reach.

Jan 9, 2013

Kins says and random

She understands how to correctly use you and I now. It's so cute when I'll say something to her in front of Tim, and she turns to him and tells him what I said. I'll say, "I love you!" and she turns to Tim, who is 3 feet away, and says, "She loves me!"

She attempts to put me off often these days. Just a minutes, or not right now. I like how she really does usually mean just a minute. I asked her to throw a diaper away, which she actually likes to do normally, and she said just a minute. She finished up what she was doing, came back to me, and said, "Ok. Now I can throw the diaper away."

I was having a really hard time doing anything at all around the house for awhile there. I'd be checking on Max every 30 seconds to make sure he wasn't being abused by Kins or wasn't getting into a predicament that would result in a more painful lesson than I'd like him to learn. I like him to take his tumbles on carpet, so when he's on the tile I'm usually spotting him. So, I put up a huge play area for him that Kins cant get into. I'm loving being able to clean the kitchen about 5x faster. If he's just up in the morning or from a nap he will play for 10 or 20 minutes happily by himself. After that, he wants me in there with him. Which is still nice, because I can lay in there reading a book, and he just crawls all over me and plays happily. I could never lay and read before, he would've been off across the house adventuring. He still likes exploring freely best of all of course.

Last night was night 4 in a row that Max has only needed to eat once between 11 pm and 8 am. And, two of those nights, the time he woke up to eat was the only time he woke up that whole time. He did wake up once or twice more the other two nights, but settled himself back to sleep without me and without too much crying or crying too hard. Well, I assume that last part is true. He has woken so often in the past, that I actually sleep through a certain level of crying very effectively. I'm always unintentionally letting him cry it out because of this. I (think?) I wake up if he's crying very frantically. But, rhythmic low level crying, it's come to be a sort of lullaby. I'm hopeful that his sleeping is really turning around. I would be thrilled if he got into a predictable groove of waking just once a night to eat. I know babies are ready to sleep without eating overnight by his age, but, compared to waking 3 or more times per night, just once is a sweet deal for me. I feel like I'm coming out a fog. My short term memory is back. It's so cool.

I'm on a mission to be back to my prepregnancy weight by the time Max is a year old. I'm about 5 pounds away and have been since like 3 months after he was born. Now that he's sleeping better I feel more motivated to tackle that last 5 pounds. I'm on day 3 of absolutely no dessert. Probably a record since I did no dessert after Kins was born. And I've been working about for almost an hour each day for over a week now, plus some sit ups here and there when I remember. Max does pretty well chilling in the carrier while I use the elliptical, usually my work out ends up being a nap for him.

Jan 7, 2013

December videos

The most amateur video compilation you may ever see. I thought I would stick a bunch of videos together, because I have tons of 1 minute video clips where there's only about 10 seconds of entertaining footage. I thought it would work well to put them into one longer video. I added music in a few places where I saw fit, but then lost interest and didn't add any more. You'll notice terrible transitions throughout the whole video, cutting off my voice when responding to Kins, and abrupt ending of music. Overall though, it does the job for my purposes. I'm totally going to make more of these medleys soon.

Jan 5, 2013

9 Months

Max's last month has been a little rough, he had two colds, back to back, and an ear infection too. The better sleeping overnight that I mentioned in his 8 month blog, that went out the window when the inability to breath through his nose started, and it's yet to return. We also had company for a week right after he finally recovered, and so he was off a normal schedule. Today he had his first day in awhile where he woke up from both naps totally happy. Which  means he actually got enough sleep, and makes it a lot more likely that tonight he will sleep better. He is taking two naps these days, three has become too many for him. And he usually naps for at least a couple hours straight for one of those naps.

We think he might be saying dada when he sees Tim. He's done it a few times, but it's still too soon to say for sure.

He's 20 pounds, 5 more to go before he catches Kins. 

He crawls with his belly fully off the ground now, and he can crawl faster because of that. He cruises along furniture now, and is able to stand up on unstable things now, because he's not relying on them nearly as much as he used to in order to support himself. He can balance standing for a few seconds at a time.

An intense love a dancing has emerged this past month. The moment he hears music, he starts jamming out, bouncing up and down excitedly. 

This past month Kins has been sweeter with him. She is starting to seem less jealous and isn't as likely to scratch/shove him during any interactions. She's started sharing with him fairly often too and she likes to talk about him. He's very fast and has quite a grip, so unless she gets up on the couch with her toys, he pretty much always wants to speed over and eat whatever she's playing with. She's just the coolest in his opinion.

One day we were driving and Max was sobbing in his carseat. Kins started singing twinkle twinkle, and like a switch was flipped, he got silent instantly. She stopped singing, he started crying. She started again, he got quiet. It's so sweet how he admires her and how everything she does piques his interest.

He's such a social guy, making friends with people everywhere he goes. He loves going out in the carrier on my back. He sits happily just watching everyone and looking at all the new scenery.

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