kins says

She handed Max a Christmas stocking, saying, "I'll put it on your finger!" Predictably, he grabbed it and started eating it. Kins said sweetly but firmly, "Max, if you eat that, I'm going to have to take it away." He kept eating it. She followed through on her threat.

She doesn't understand that he doesn't know how to interact yet. When he gets close to her playing with a toy, she screams, "No grabbing that!"

Upon waking up this morning she said in a very deep voice, "I'm not a Christmas tree, I'm Santa!" We've been watching Christmas videos on youtube, I guess that's where she got it. 

Tim and I call each other Mommy and Daddy around Kins, never Mom and Dad. Yet, she's decided on her own to shorten our names. She calls us Mom and Dad a lot more than Mommy and Daddy now. It makes us feel overly mature. I've even tried telling her how my name is Mommy multiple times. She's just decided that Mom is easier, and she's sticking with it.

She remembers everything. One day before her nap I told her when she woke up, we were going to gymnastics class. She had never been to gymnastics class before, or even heard the word before. But, first thing she said when she woke up was, "I want to go to gymnastics class!"

When asked if she wants to do something that she'd rather not, she will say, her voice laced with regret, "I can't."

She has a professional frown. Tim and I can't make our mouths frown the way she can. She likes to randomly pull out the frown occasionally, and she can also make her eyes water on command. It can take a minute to tell if she's actually upset or not.


  1. lol that zoey. so cute that she acted the part of the responsible disciplinarian with max. it's pretty impressive that she managed to both be sweet and follow through. and I'm glad that she aspires to be santa rather than just a christmas tree...that statement is feminism at it's finest, if you ask me.

  2. She told me "no grabbing" when I tried to play with her kitchen set. So, she's consistent. It's not just Max who gets the disciplinary take-down.


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