Happy Holidays

I just finished our holiday card and letter. I think it was before Kins was born that I last sent one out*. I even included a letter! I mention it in the letter, but I was surprised to find I didn't have much of anything to really say about my accomplishments this year. It really has taken up about all I have keeping it together through Tim's busy times with work and Max's busy eating times overnight most nights. I don't usually do resolutions, but this makes one for me this year pretty obvious: I resolve to have something to say in the paragraph about myself next year!

* Oh... lol... just looked at my fridge and saw my holiday card from last year. That I did indeed send out. My intelligence has suffered dramatically this year. That's what I should've put in my letter!


  1. Yes, I thought I remembered a card from you from last year. Yep, it's on our fridg, too!
    I think you accomplished plenty. In fact, all of you had a successful and productive year.


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