Family Resemblance

Kin's takes after Tim big time. I thought Max looked like my side of the family, but I was really struck by how much when my Mom sent me these pictures of my brothers at 8 months. Below is a black and white comparison of Seth and Max.
 In black and white I think Max and Seth looks very similar.
 Eric and Max share the exact same coloring. I also think Max and Eric may share a closer resemblance in the eyes and face shape than Seth and Max. Above and below are both Eric.
 One more Seth below.


  1. They've all got the same gleam of mischief in their eyes. Beware!
    Really, they're all pretty adorable.

  2. lol, janie's right about the mischief in all of their eyes. It's fun to see the resemblance between all of them as babies.

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