Thanksgiving and Fall Family Pictures

My parents went to visit my brother's family for Thanksgiving. Normally, we'd go visit for a couple of days over the weekend of Thanksgiving weekend, but it's working out about the same overall, since my parents were here before flying out and will stop by for another night on their way home. We went to Tim's parents' yesterday for some delicious grub. Only one sister made it, so it was a small gathering. It was still fun though, and Kins enjoyed crawling all over everybody. This kid has gone from shy last year, to the point this year where she's practically making out with everyone she runs across. She's really become adorably social and loving with everyone she meets. She hadn't seen our brother in law for months, and even though he's a tough looking dude, she crawled right into his arms and proceeded to hug him and cuddle with him as soon as she saw him.

I realized recently that we didn't have any family pictures of all of us since the ones taken when Max was first born. I am happy that we then got a couple of cute ones.

I raked her a big pile of leaves and she loved hiding in them.
This was pretty touching until about 4 seconds after I snapped it, when Kins shoved a handful of leaves forcefully into Max's face, pushing him over, and leading to a very unhappy boy.


  1. such cute pictures. I like the first one especially. poor max. It's just hard times when you're a baby with a 2-year-old sibling.

  2. Beautiful family pictures Tess! I don't know how you got such good ones. What's the secret? Aside from good-looking parents, of course.

  3. Thanks. :) I've been using to edit my pictures, it's fun, and I like how they turn out.

  4. Both family pics are cute! Max will be big enough to defend himself soon. And before long Kins will realize that having a little brother is actually fun.


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