Max is 7 Months Old

He is moving out of our room into his own today. Makes me a little sad. I love being able to hear him breathing and shuffling around at night, and know my little boy is just a few feet away. But, we've started waking him up at night. He's not sleeping as deeply as he used to. We can never sneak into bed without him waking, and last night he woke up when I changed positions a couple hours later too. He was not pleased to have been woken up either time. I think we will all get more and better sleep.

He is pushing up to a sit regularly now, he's a pro. He can crawl very fast when he's got a goal in mind, but he still slithers with his belly on the ground. He is always pushing up at much as possible and reaching his arm up to grab things to pull up on. He can't reach the coffee table edge, and he hasn't learned yet that if he sat up right next to it, then he could pull up on it. He wants to pull up on things badly though, and likes to have help so that he can stand while holding on to something. He doesn't understand yet that if he lets go, he will fall down. I have to spot him so that I can catch him when he falls. He just learned yesterday how to sit himself up in his crib. It's a mini crib, so he couldn't do it before with the limited space.

He tries to grab things with the pincer grasp, between his pointer finger and thumb. He notices very small things and is curious about everything. Usually about what it might taste like. His world revolves around what he might find to sample.
He loves his sister. Here she is sitting in his lap. He was thrilled. (That's red paint on her face, not a brutal injury.) When she talks right in his face or hugs him he gets thrilled. Sadly, these sweet displays of affection nearly always disintegrate into crazed, violent hugs, or pats on the head that turn into pushes; you get the idea. When he hasn't seem Tim in awhile, he will start to laugh he gets so excited. He loves strangers and offers a huge smile to anyone who notices him.

He hates having to part with a newly found prize before even being allowed to devour it. His second biggest dislike is probably when I leave the room after I put him in his crib for a nap. But, usually, within 5 seconds he stops crying and decides that taking a nap isn't a half bad idea. When Kins was little, it would take a bare minimum of half an hour to get her napping or to bed at night. With her to keep an eye on, I don't have much time to get his naps going, so he's had to learn to sooth himself to sleep.

Reading detailed schedules is boring, but, I never wrote this stuff down with Kins, and now that I have Max, I wonder what her schedule was like at different ages, so I want to have the info next time. (Yep. A third baby is the plan. The 3rd will be our last we think.) His schedule right now is going to bed about 8 and he seems to need 11ish hours of sleep. He wakes up every 3 hours to nurse, but often goes one five hour stretch. He goes back to sleep after nursing for 10 minutes or less. In the morning he seems to need to nap a couple hours after waking up and often it lasts exactly 1.25 hrs. He naps again about 1 when Kins does, and this nap is usually a long one, 2 hours or so. He usually takes a third nap at around 5 for an hour. But, this is when we will often go do things, and he's started not napping in the carseat or in the carrier as easily as he used to. So, if we're on the go and he doesn't nap, he is really tired by 7, but I usually try to stretch it to closer to 8 to put him to bed. It used to be that if he was overtired, it would be harder to get him to sleep or nap, but lately, he doesn't resist sleeping or naps when he's exhausted anymore.


  1. Happy 7th month Birthday handsome boy

  2. Haha, I'm glad you said paint because I was wondering what kind of faceplant Kins did. It's so nice that they get along well.

  3. That's quite the gruesome makeup job she did there on herself. I was really concerned as well for a moment. Writing down all that schedule info is definitely a good idea. It's impossible to remember that stuff. Blast it but that Max is a handsome young man. and more and more seemingly pure you, just like zoey is all tim. So cute.

  4. The pic of the two of them together is extra cute. Good for Max, moving into his own room. He's getting to be quite a big boy. And of course his handsomeness is obvious, expecially to Brama.

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