Notice the question mark in the title? It's because I barely know what I've been up to any better than you do. Tim has been working from home and his hours have been pretty easy the past two.. or is it three weeks. A luxurious contrast to his 6 day a week 12-14 hour per day schedule the 2 months before that. Then the day he had off, he had to go work on our old house to get it ready to sell. It was a challenging 2 months. We are really enjoying his schedule lately. We've been able to sit around so much we couldn't stand it anymore, during which time, we watched all of The Walking Dead to date in the evenings over the course of a couple of weeks. Which I am hooked on for reasons that I can't quite put into words. I'm not into the horror genre at all usually, and I don't enjoy the level of detail involved with every injury on the show.

We've been working on some home decorating and various projects around the new place. The previous owner built the home himself, and he made some strange decisions. Like choosing not to put a regulator on the water line leading into the house. Every house has to have a regulator to pass inspections. Apparently the owner had a buddy inspector. Which is kind of disturbing. And I'm hoping the list of items done incorrectly doesn't go on and on. So, a regulator puts a cap on the amount of pressure that can run into your pipes. Pressure over 100 (100 whats you might ask? Damned if I know) can blow out your pipes. Well, our pressure was 140. Which was causing a bunch of leaking from the water heater and other places. Tim put on a regulator and all the problems were solved. I suspect this whole paragraph so far is really boring. I won't go on with the other items Tim has had to fix so far. But, the decorating part has been fun. Here is the kid section of our living room. Picked up that rad cube shelf from Ikea, the drawers hold even more than I'd hoped, and there's space up top for my books.
Picture gallery. Took awhile to mat all the pictures, but from there the project went quickly. We used 35 or so in this display, and had 100 matted. Going to do one or two more of these throughout the house.

We took an offer on our old house, and hopefully everything will go smoothly with the sale. Getting that house sold would be a load off.


  1. hey I just realized that I got that same ikea wire/clip combo for hanging my closet curtains. or...perhaps we've already discussed this? crap. you were so right when you said that losing your mind makes every day a new adventure. or at least I think you said that. all your decorations and such sure look great. boy I really can't explain why I like the walking dead either. I don't love it but I guess it's pretty impressive that I can even stand it, considering the genre.

  2. Sure hope the home repairs will be under control soon. The decorating looks great!


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