We took Kins to the aquarium on Halloween. They had a spooky haunted hallway set up, and some games and crafts. She had fun. Next, we trick or treated for a couple of hours. She had skipped her nap that day. Sometimes she just plays the entire nap time and resists sleeping. She's then extra emotional for the rest of the day, and slightly abusive. So, she was tired before her usual bed time since she hadn't napped. She soon asked to be carried, and was laying her head down on Tim's head while she was on his shoulders. She looked like she was about to fall asleep. She was still having fun though, and insisted that she didn't want to go home yet.

Tim says the moon looks really goofy in the second pic. Well, I say it looks cooler than a big lamp on the side of the garage, which was there too. It's totally realistic. On Halloween it's natural for spooky things to happen, such as a mini moon dropping down in front of garages.


  1. to nap or not to nap...can mean a big difference in the attitude of a little one...cute photos...

  2. Max doesn't seem to mind being caught in a spider web, and Kins the Dinosaur looks very in the light of the "moon".


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