8 Months Old

Max is 8 months old today. He is about 50th percentile all the way around, height, weight, head circumference. A contrast to Kins, who is more like 5th for weight and height, although her noggin is average.  Another huge contrast between the two, which has produced the first contrast, is eating habits. I recently discovered that all I have to do is pour a jar of pureed baby food into a cup with a straw, add some water, and Max will down it in a couple of minutes. So eagerly in fact, that he will sacrifice breathing for as long as he can to keep gulping. It makes for really hilarious meal time sounds. Gulping, frantic gasping for air, choking from drinking so fast, all occasionally broken up by miserable crying if he happens to drop his cup. You would be certain I was starving him inbetween meals, when really he gets plenty from nursing between his solid meals. Even when full, he still wants to eat everything he finds. I have to keep all the non edibles out of his reach.
He's slowly starting to sleep longer overnight. I would say as much as half the time now he will only wake up once to eat during the time that I'm asleep.

He pulls himself up to standing on everything he encounters that's taller than him.

He's starting to get good at holding on tight when he's standing and he falls down a lot less often. He tries to cruise too, but he hasn't mastered it yet. He can sit himself down from standing too. I remember with Kins she would get stuck standing and not know how to sit down again safely. He learned to sit back down within a week or two of learning to pull himself up. Probably because he's not afraid of falling down. When he falls from standing, he just turns it into a roll onto his tummy and keeps on exploring as long as he doesn't hit his head on anything on his way down. Kins was sooo much more cautious. She didn't want to risk hurting herself falling down. Same reason why she refused to try walking on her own until she was nearly a year and a half old.

Max still crawls with his belly on the ground. He's so adept at it that I'm not sure he will learn to do a true crawl before he starts just walking instead.

He's understanding how to work his toys, he turns the page back and forth on his stand up entertainment center.
He bangs objects to see how loud he can be, he splashes up storm in the tub, not minding a bit when the water splashes him in the face.

He knows who I am and that I provide the goods when he's hungry. If he's hungry and/or tired he crawls to me and pulls himself up, making his way to any bare skin and attempting to nurse any that he finds frantically. If he's emotional and I walk out of his line of sight he gets upset. He loves Kins and laughs his head off at her if she talks to him or interacts with him in any way. He knows daddy is the one who will bounce him around like crazy on pony friend or other exciting things. He always looks at Tim like the world just got brighter.


  1. Had to laugh at the description of his eating techniques. He's a funny boy. And almost always happy!

  2. I can't believe how fast he has grown...he is just too cute...

  3. I didn't know that he's been pulling himself up for a while now. My, what an advanced boy. It's so adorable how curious and busy he seems to be all the time...and yes, add fearless to the equation and it's no wonder that he's breezing through his milestones. I love that first picture especially. It really shows of his huge blue eyes.


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