We got a zoo pass recently and have been going every week or two. Ever since she got into actually walking places on her own. We follow her around most of the time. She enjoys it. The polar bear was doing mini laps between the glass and a rock maybe 30 feet behind the glass. He (or she? I'm not actually sure) would come up out of the water each time, then fall backward and kick off with his legs.

Her favorite bobcat exhibit. The animal the bobcat has an exhibit too, but she was much more impressed by the machine.
Getting a ride on daddy's shoulders.
Max got a ride on my back. He happily checks it all out as we're walking around. Or takes a nap. Either way, he enjoys himself.


  1. now that looks fun...love the one with kins and the polar bear..

  2. Kins looks awfully close to that big bear! I like the bobcat exhibit, too.
    Max is taking it all in, probably planning what mischief he can get into at the zoo as soon as he's big enough.

  3. I'm so impressed with her bravery with the polar bear. Bears didn't think much of that but was in awe of her bravery with the scary orange elephant. Not only is she touching it but she's actually on the trunk! Madness. Looks like some good times.

  4. Polar bears! Love how close Zoey can get. I request a zoo trip next time I'm in town.


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