Silly and New

At the end of Sept Max got his first tooth. He's got two bottom teeth coming in now.

He's weighing about 18.5 pounds and spends his awake time desperately trying to better himself. He can sit unassisted pretty well when he wants to, although, he usually flops down as soon as I set him down sitting, preferring to explore rather than sit still. He can almost push himself into a sitting position already, which normally doesn't happen until 9 months or later. He slithers around on his belly.

He's become a speed nurser most of the time, eager to finish eating so he can explore. He can finish one side in 5 minutes or less, easily. Sometimes even faster. 

He can grab food, even in small pieces, and attempts to shove it all into his mouth. He loves eating. It's like I'm dealing with a little crack addict or something. He sees the food, and after that it's a frantic scramble to get it into his mouth as fast as possible, and he's crushed if it doesn't happen immediately. I'll be sitting with him in my lap trying to bribe Kins to eat, she's spitting the food out onto her high chair tray, and he's swooping in grabbing handfuls of chewed up food in both fists and shoving it all in his face. I can't possibly express how happy it makes me to have a kid who likes to eat. Even with the sacrifices that come along with his love of food (waking up multiple times per night because he's starving), it just feels so good to have a child whose basic needs I can meet. I'm programed to nourish my kids, and when Kins won't let me do it and spits meals out, I feel so frustrated.

Kins was in the car when Tim was ordering a chocolate shake at the drive through. She overheard (almost correctly) and then chimed in at the top of her lungs, "I'll have a bobcat shake!" Her and bobcats, it's an obsession.

She's getting the hang of imaginary play. She likes pretending to be different animals. She'll hop around and say, "I'm a frog!" or crawling, "I'm a cat!". She likes to play with her little plastic animals and have them eat, play together, and take naps.

Kins has learned to unlock deadbolts. I had to babyproof some of our outside doors so she doesn't get outside without me.

She's at that age where she says the funniest things. I should be writing them all down, but I think I'll remember later, and then always forget. Must change my ways.  


  1. That Max is a funny (and hungry!) boy. I want a "bobcat shake", too.

  2. a crack addict?! hahaha you had me laughing so hard!


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