This is how Max often pushes himself up into an almost sit. He's gotten totally to sitting before, but not regularly yet.
We carved pumpkins over the weekend. Kins lost interest after awhile, but she did enjoy helping.
She picked all of these and carried them around for awhile. Reminds me of the story my parents tell me of how I would go around the soccer field picking flowers instead of participating in the sport.
She was in the middle of saying, "Glub, glub". For the first time she actually wanted to look in each display and talk about what was inside instead of just running around the aquarium.
She's all ready to head to the jobsite!
My happy boy.
He pretty much always is smiling.
He's stoked that he can slither all around the house now.
He fancies the play kitchen.
Scooping pumpkin guts.

Two bottom teefsies.
He loves to crawl under the bouncer for some reason.


  1. Your bright-eyed, smiley boy is really getting around.
    Kins is awfully cute in her hard hat. And she does remind me of her mom, picking her handful of "flowers."

  2. Still can't get over the cuteness of the glub glub picture. They're all pretty good though. Max is just so busy all the time it would seem. he's such a charmer already.

  3. wow he is growing so fast...such a cutie...Kins is looking so grown up,....


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