No change your diaper!

Last night Kins was taking a shower with Tim and I hear her yell, "No change your diaper!" which is her trademark comment after pooping, followed by hysterical laughter from Tim. I went in to check out the situation, and indeed, there was a big poop in the shower. I took a picture, which I later showed her and asked her to describe it to me. She goes, "poop, markers." There were bath markers in the shower too, and she thought those were equally worth pointing out as the poop. For some reason that really cracked me up.

She still has no interest in using the potty. She does sometimes take off her own diaper after pooping. But, she says, "No use the potty!" when asked if she wants to, and runs in the opposite direction. Once Max starts sleeping at night and I'm not so trashed all the time I think I need to start potty training.


  1. Ha, ha. When she finally decides to go on the potty, the training should be easy. She already knows what to do, it's just where to do it that's in question! Maybe she needs to sit on the potty with markers in hand?

  2. Hotrod likes to potty the "Big boys"... he will sit on the potty now...reading books...he has pooped a few times...we are a work in progress...

  3. lol...ah, that zoey. one day we'll convince our children to use the potty. I'm sure of it.

  4. OH my God! too funny. Alec did that once while I was bathing him, he freaked out and I could not get him to take a bath for the longest time. It was like trying to get a cat in the water. I had to resort to using the shower and not filling the tub up at all. I heard that if you just take her with you when you go and let her sit on her little potty thing she should learn. Mine were all boys we played shoot the cheerios in the toilet game lol.
    - Anna


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