The aquarium is decorated for Halloween. They've got one whole hall that's like a mini haunted house. Kins was a little scared of the hall and ran out of it saying, "We gotta run away!" But, when she saw this guy she exclaimed, "Oh! It's Santa!"

Kins is finally out of her crib. For a long time we had her twin mattress and her crib in her room, and when she would get really tired, she had the hardest time deciding which choice was right. She would change her mind and be yelling to be put in the crib or taken out. I wasn't sure how well it would go over to just remove the crib, but we did about a week ago. She never even asked about it and seems happy to not be burdened with having to make the choice.
A bubbles earring.
When asked if she wanted to read her story in her chair or in daddy's lap, "Read in chair IN daddy's lap!" Then she lugged the chair over and put it in his lap.
Max in the carrier while I used the elliptical. He never seems to get tired of being in the carrier.
Tim and I out on our lunch date.
Kins likes to fake cry and wait to stop until you give her a binky. She doesn't actually use binkies for comfort, but she likes pretending that she needs a "dinky".
Her art skills are improving. I demonstrated how to draw a person, and she did her own just right after that. This is daddy. Notice the scribbles on his face? That's his beard. Under all the scribbles there are eyes, a nose, a mouth, and ears. And the scribbles on his legs are his pants.
Her fake smile.
Raaaaarrr! I picked out a few costumes from a used kid's clothing store that would fit her, and this is the one she wanted. She enjoys flapping her arms around and flying.
Showing off his two bottom teeth and his infectious smile. He loves splashing around vigorously in the tub. He's not deterred one little bit when most of the splashing splashes him in the face.
Hangin' with Howie.
Another carrier shot. I can't seem to stop taking these, even though they all look about the same.

Monster (or is it a dinosaur costume) on a zebra.

After being lulled to sleep on a run.
We had our first snow already. She loved making footprints.
Give this kid a tractor and she's happy.
I liked how this filter makes her eyes look. She's cuddling up in our bed after a bath.


  1. Wow, that is one scary Santa!
    Love the last photo with Kins' pretty eyes, and the maniacal gleam in Max's eyes as he splashes in the tub bubbles.

  2. lol that's pretty hilarious that zoey got so excited over that santa. obviously she doesn't get as hung up over physical imperfections as the rest of us. we could all really learn a lesson from her. I love how max's insanely long lashes really show up in that bath picture with his crazy smile. oh and you can really never get enough carrier pictures. it does get addicting, taking them.


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