We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary in August.We went to Fats, our old haunt. We used to go there every weekend when we first started dating up until we moved, and we still went fairly often until our lil Kins came along. It's my favorite place for a date. There's excellent food, pool, and we always have good conversation. Here we are being goofy.
Kins started an art class. She loves going to art class. She rarely does her projects how she's told to do them, but she enjoys doing things her own way. This is supposed to be a sun with blue sky around it, and dots that were supposed to be filled in with faces. She thought coloring the whole area with blue was nonsense.
She got some hand me downs from April's older sister. She likes this ballerina outfit.
A Coopers Hawk in our back yard. We hear the hawks calling sometimes. I'm loving our new place. It's awesome to see bunnies in our yard, hawks, turkeys and peacocks up in the neighbors trees, and horses along the lane.
She enjoys pulling all of our shoes out and trying them on.
Blowing bubbles.
Just chillin' in the high chair. She's always got at least one leg up on top of the tray. She's eating high fiber bread slathered with a quarter inch of butter, and topped liberally with cinnamon sugar. I also spray whipped cream all over it. I still have to bribe her to eat. Such an odd child.
This is the bread I mentioned, Great Grains. I've finally found a way to keep this kid pooping. If I get her to eat a whole piece of bread each day, she's all set. I've noticed a lot of bread that claim to be high fiber have wheat dextrin or other types of soluble fiber added to them, and so they don't work that well for pooping. This stuff is all natural and insoluble fiber.
Cleaning up.

Max loves his jumperoo for at least a few minutes at a time. He jumps huge crazy jumps. Lately, he's more into crawling though.

Max with my brother. I see some of both of my brothers in him.

I love this one.
Some attempt at design in our living room. The kids toys everywhere really add depth, right?
Kins said, "It's a pole! It's pretending to be a tree." Touche.


  1. Max looks so much older with that tuft of hair! I love the picture of the light over the mountains. Pretty!

  2. Lots of cute pics here. I love Kins in the ballerina costume, and Max in the backpack with you.

  3. Lots of good pics! Happy Anniversary!


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