Birthday Weekend

For my birthday my parents decided to come stay with us for the weekend. It was nice timing for me, because I haven't gotten a whole lot of adult interaction lately with Tim working long hours. It was fun to spend most of the weekend with them, and then the fates aligned my actual birthday with Tim's one day off.

Tim and I got to go out on two dates. One night we watched a movie, we saw Looper, which we both loved. The next day, we went out to lunch. It was fun to get out by ourselves.

Kin's got very daring here. Normally, she likes to sit on the bottom of the slide, and after much big talk about how she's going to "jump!" she attempts to make the motions of jumping, even though her feet are already touching the ground. But, THIS time, she stood at the end of the slide and really jumped. Even though she held Papa's hand the whole time. I do not have a dare devil on my hands, and I like it. I can't imagine how many accidents she would have if she manages to get hurt regularly with her careful nature.
A rare picture of me with both kids.
My cute little boy in his warm Bear suit.
Here's Kins doing her typical jealousy maneuver. Ever so softly and slowly elbowing Max in the head, while smiling and pretending like she's playing.
Tim and I got to run sans double stroller while my parents took the kids to the park. I previously thought I was in terrible shape, because I struggle to run three miles at a 10 minute mile pace when I'm pushing the stroller. I thought it couldn't make much difference, but it turns out I can run 8.5 minute miles without the stroller. So, despite still needing to lose 5 more pounds, I'm feeling more fit.
Daring to go down the slide instead of talking about it, but then going back down the stairs.
On the way home, we saw this huge owl on top of a neighbor's roof. I'm betting it normally lives right behind my house, where there's a small strip of undeveloped forested land. Tim and I sometimes hear scratching sounds on the roof over our bedroom, and now we're thinking it's probably an owl landing. I got the privilege of watching this guy puke up something, undigested remains of dinner I guess.


  1. I am in awe of your 8.5 minute mile. I killed myself a few weeks ago to get a 9 minute 59 seconds mile. :-)

    I think it's a Great-horned Owl based on the ear tufts and the fact that it's the only common owl in Utah, especially this time of year.

    1. I kind if put my foot in my mouth there without realizing. I just meant that i know i can run about 8.5 min miles when I'm in good shape, so personally, 10 mins doesn't feel like I'm at my best. I think it depends so much on body type what good shape time is. Annnnd, just so you know, i almost barfed when i finished.

  2. sounds like a great weekend...Happy Belated look great love your mountain in the background..

  3. I agree with Elizabeth that it's probably a Great-horned owl. It was a big bird, too, which goes along with the great-horned.
    Anywhere in the 8-10 minute range sounds good to me!
    I really like the pic of you with the kids.


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