Oct 30, 2012


The aquarium is decorated for Halloween. They've got one whole hall that's like a mini haunted house. Kins was a little scared of the hall and ran out of it saying, "We gotta run away!" But, when she saw this guy she exclaimed, "Oh! It's Santa!"

Kins is finally out of her crib. For a long time we had her twin mattress and her crib in her room, and when she would get really tired, she had the hardest time deciding which choice was right. She would change her mind and be yelling to be put in the crib or taken out. I wasn't sure how well it would go over to just remove the crib, but we did about a week ago. She never even asked about it and seems happy to not be burdened with having to make the choice.
A bubbles earring.
When asked if she wanted to read her story in her chair or in daddy's lap, "Read in chair IN daddy's lap!" Then she lugged the chair over and put it in his lap.
Max in the carrier while I used the elliptical. He never seems to get tired of being in the carrier.
Tim and I out on our lunch date.
Kins likes to fake cry and wait to stop until you give her a binky. She doesn't actually use binkies for comfort, but she likes pretending that she needs a "dinky".
Her art skills are improving. I demonstrated how to draw a person, and she did her own just right after that. This is daddy. Notice the scribbles on his face? That's his beard. Under all the scribbles there are eyes, a nose, a mouth, and ears. And the scribbles on his legs are his pants.
Her fake smile.
Raaaaarrr! I picked out a few costumes from a used kid's clothing store that would fit her, and this is the one she wanted. She enjoys flapping her arms around and flying.
Showing off his two bottom teeth and his infectious smile. He loves splashing around vigorously in the tub. He's not deterred one little bit when most of the splashing splashes him in the face.
Hangin' with Howie.
Another carrier shot. I can't seem to stop taking these, even though they all look about the same.

Monster (or is it a dinosaur costume) on a zebra.

After being lulled to sleep on a run.
We had our first snow already. She loved making footprints.
Give this kid a tractor and she's happy.
I liked how this filter makes her eyes look. She's cuddling up in our bed after a bath.

Oct 29, 2012

Birthday Weekend

For my birthday my parents decided to come stay with us for the weekend. It was nice timing for me, because I haven't gotten a whole lot of adult interaction lately with Tim working long hours. It was fun to spend most of the weekend with them, and then the fates aligned my actual birthday with Tim's one day off.

Tim and I got to go out on two dates. One night we watched a movie, we saw Looper, which we both loved. The next day, we went out to lunch. It was fun to get out by ourselves.

Kin's got very daring here. Normally, she likes to sit on the bottom of the slide, and after much big talk about how she's going to "jump!" she attempts to make the motions of jumping, even though her feet are already touching the ground. But, THIS time, she stood at the end of the slide and really jumped. Even though she held Papa's hand the whole time. I do not have a dare devil on my hands, and I like it. I can't imagine how many accidents she would have if she manages to get hurt regularly with her careful nature.
A rare picture of me with both kids.
My cute little boy in his warm Bear suit.
Here's Kins doing her typical jealousy maneuver. Ever so softly and slowly elbowing Max in the head, while smiling and pretending like she's playing.
Tim and I got to run sans double stroller while my parents took the kids to the park. I previously thought I was in terrible shape, because I struggle to run three miles at a 10 minute mile pace when I'm pushing the stroller. I thought it couldn't make much difference, but it turns out I can run 8.5 minute miles without the stroller. So, despite still needing to lose 5 more pounds, I'm feeling more fit.
Daring to go down the slide instead of talking about it, but then going back down the stairs.
On the way home, we saw this huge owl on top of a neighbor's roof. I'm betting it normally lives right behind my house, where there's a small strip of undeveloped forested land. Tim and I sometimes hear scratching sounds on the roof over our bedroom, and now we're thinking it's probably an owl landing. I got the privilege of watching this guy puke up something, undigested remains of dinner I guess.

Oct 19, 2012

No change your diaper!

Last night Kins was taking a shower with Tim and I hear her yell, "No change your diaper!" which is her trademark comment after pooping, followed by hysterical laughter from Tim. I went in to check out the situation, and indeed, there was a big poop in the shower. I took a picture, which I later showed her and asked her to describe it to me. She goes, "poop, markers." There were bath markers in the shower too, and she thought those were equally worth pointing out as the poop. For some reason that really cracked me up.

She still has no interest in using the potty. She does sometimes take off her own diaper after pooping. But, she says, "No use the potty!" when asked if she wants to, and runs in the opposite direction. Once Max starts sleeping at night and I'm not so trashed all the time I think I need to start potty training.

Oct 18, 2012


This is how Max often pushes himself up into an almost sit. He's gotten totally to sitting before, but not regularly yet.
We carved pumpkins over the weekend. Kins lost interest after awhile, but she did enjoy helping.
She picked all of these and carried them around for awhile. Reminds me of the story my parents tell me of how I would go around the soccer field picking flowers instead of participating in the sport.
She was in the middle of saying, "Glub, glub". For the first time she actually wanted to look in each display and talk about what was inside instead of just running around the aquarium.
She's all ready to head to the jobsite!
My happy boy.
He pretty much always is smiling.
He's stoked that he can slither all around the house now.
He fancies the play kitchen.
Scooping pumpkin guts.

Two bottom teefsies.
He loves to crawl under the bouncer for some reason.

Oct 11, 2012

Silly and New

At the end of Sept Max got his first tooth. He's got two bottom teeth coming in now.

He's weighing about 18.5 pounds and spends his awake time desperately trying to better himself. He can sit unassisted pretty well when he wants to, although, he usually flops down as soon as I set him down sitting, preferring to explore rather than sit still. He can almost push himself into a sitting position already, which normally doesn't happen until 9 months or later. He slithers around on his belly.

He's become a speed nurser most of the time, eager to finish eating so he can explore. He can finish one side in 5 minutes or less, easily. Sometimes even faster. 

He can grab food, even in small pieces, and attempts to shove it all into his mouth. He loves eating. It's like I'm dealing with a little crack addict or something. He sees the food, and after that it's a frantic scramble to get it into his mouth as fast as possible, and he's crushed if it doesn't happen immediately. I'll be sitting with him in my lap trying to bribe Kins to eat, she's spitting the food out onto her high chair tray, and he's swooping in grabbing handfuls of chewed up food in both fists and shoving it all in his face. I can't possibly express how happy it makes me to have a kid who likes to eat. Even with the sacrifices that come along with his love of food (waking up multiple times per night because he's starving), it just feels so good to have a child whose basic needs I can meet. I'm programed to nourish my kids, and when Kins won't let me do it and spits meals out, I feel so frustrated.

Kins was in the car when Tim was ordering a chocolate shake at the drive through. She overheard (almost correctly) and then chimed in at the top of her lungs, "I'll have a bobcat shake!" Her and bobcats, it's an obsession.

She's getting the hang of imaginary play. She likes pretending to be different animals. She'll hop around and say, "I'm a frog!" or crawling, "I'm a cat!". She likes to play with her little plastic animals and have them eat, play together, and take naps.

Kins has learned to unlock deadbolts. I had to babyproof some of our outside doors so she doesn't get outside without me.

She's at that age where she says the funniest things. I should be writing them all down, but I think I'll remember later, and then always forget. Must change my ways.  

Oct 5, 2012


We got a zoo pass recently and have been going every week or two. Ever since she got into actually walking places on her own. We follow her around most of the time. She enjoys it. The polar bear was doing mini laps between the glass and a rock maybe 30 feet behind the glass. He (or she? I'm not actually sure) would come up out of the water each time, then fall backward and kick off with his legs.

Her favorite bobcat exhibit. The animal the bobcat has an exhibit too, but she was much more impressed by the machine.
Getting a ride on daddy's shoulders.
Max got a ride on my back. He happily checks it all out as we're walking around. Or takes a nap. Either way, he enjoys himself.

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