Max and Kins have both been having sleeping problems lately. I am daring to hope that the worst is over and we're settling into a routine that will allow me to have a short term memory again.

Kins all of a sudden became afraid to go to sleep, naps included. She would scream and sob that she wanted to sleep with mommy and daddy. The first night that this fear randomly struck, I spent two hours getting her to sleep after she got so worked up she was sobbing and gasping hysterically. She actually let me rock her to sleep, which hasn't happened in probably a year. She was upset when I put her in her crib, but I convinced her to lay down and let me play with her hair. She didn't like when I moved away from her crib, but allowed it if a sang to her. And so on until I was out in the hall. She woke up in the night afraid too. The next night it was more of the same, but a little easier. I've tapered her off to the regular routine, and although she protests on principle now when I leave, she's not actually scared any more. She's slept through the night for several nights now without waking for more than a few seconds. I think things are just about back to normal with her. She still wants the light on when she falls asleep, but if I turn it off when I go to bed she doesn't notice or wake up scared.

Max's sleeping hasn't been great for months now. He was waking regularly at least 3x per night for a long time, but recently, it got to be 6 times a night or so. Tim and I were total zombies. I tried everything I could, but just like it did a couple of times with Kins in the past, it finally came down to letting him cry. I hate letting my babies cry. It's terrible. But, at some point, it becomes less terrible than living in a perpetually sleep deprived state. A few nights ago I started letting him cry some in the night when he woke up. At first, he still woke up 6x, but he went back to sleep without becoming devastated 3 of those times. Then he woke up 4x. And then, last night, he woke up 3x and only needed to eat twice. The other time, he went back to sleep in 3 minutes. For his age, he shouldn't actually need to eat overnight at all, but for now I'll be thrilled if I can get him waking and eating just once. I feel hopeful. I think we're moving in the right direction.


  1. I'm glad they're both sleeping a little better. Mom needs sleep, too!

  2. This to shall pass ... That's what I use to tell myself when I went through things like this when my kiddos were small hope it passes for you soon

  3. that was some good thinking on the methods that you used to get zoey sleeping well on her own again. hopefully within the next year or so, the both of us will be getting some good sleep. I can dream, anyway.


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