After running an errand recently, I noticed a situation developing nearby while I was loading up the kids. The woman parked in front of me was honking her horn repeatedly, futilely trying to attract the attention of the man sitting in the big box truck that had just pulled into the space next to her. The truck was parked just a few inches from her car and she obviously felt she would be unable to get out of her parking space unless he moved it. The situation looked like this:
She was honking like mad and screaming at the top of her lungs. I'm not positive if it's true, but in my memory, she had spittle spraying out of her mouth and she was shaking her fist. A minute or so went by, and the truck driver had yet to notice that anything was happening. He was relaxing in his seat, munching on a snack and blissfully spacing off.

The honker was becoming increasingly agitated the longer the truck driver failed to notice her. A woman who had just finished parking saw what was happening, and felt the best solution would be to offer to guide the honker out of her space. Helper assured the honker that she could back out easily, and offered to guide her. She had the honker pull back a little. I had finished strapping in Kins, and had walked halfway over to ask the truck driver to pull forward into the space next to my car. But, at the moment, under Helper's careful tutelage, honker pulled forward again right into my car. There was a small crunching sound. I guess I was scowling some after that, because Helper quickly told me, "Oh! There's no damage! It was just rubbery," she assured me.

I figured I was already almost to the truck driver's window and I may as well get him pulled forward and then evaluate the damage. By the time I had walked to the truck driver's window, honker had managed to squeeze out of her car, and had approached his passenger window. She shrilly screamed, "You assssssshole!" (Asshole was really drawn out the way she screamed it.) Finally, at that moment, I saw truck driver's expression change from blissful space off, to "Huh? What?" He started rolling down his passenger window to figure out what the  honker was so mad about. She continued, "Fuck you asshole! You won't even move your car, you JERK!" Then, he noticed me tapping on his driver's window, and seemed pleased to divert his attention my direction. He promptly rolled down his window and, sunflower seeds spilling out of his mouth, said, "What's going on??" He was clearly completely baffled. I said, "Oh, that woman is having a hard time backing out. Would you mind pulling forward into the next space?" He was obviously relieved that was all he was going to have to do and quickly did it.

Helper had wandered off promptly after assuring me there was no damage. I checked, and indeed, there was no damage. I hopped in my car and started pulling out. Helper woman was sitting frozen in her driver's seat. Hands at 10 and 2 on her steering wheel, staring straight forward. She remained this way until after I pulled out and drove off.


  1. That lady needed to calm down! She must have grown up on the East Coast. People here are usually pretty relaxed drivers.

  2. That was a strange situation. I'm glad your vehicle didn't get crunched!


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