Kins and Max have each given me something to brag about over the past week. Max has started doing the army slither. He can easily slither a couple of feet if there's something of interest nearby. It's amazing how fast it developed. First, he would scoot a couple of inches with his legs, but be so focused on his back end, that his face would drag across the floor. Then, just a few days ago, he started getting up on his knees and rocking forward and backward until he'd launch forward, still on his face. Yesterday he got a little more coordinated and was able to slither along with his head up, a big improvement.

Kins has finally started actually wanting to walk places instead of demanding to be carried. It's fun to see her getting exercise and exploring the world on her own. It means I don't have to take the stroller everywhere, because I can wear Max and follow Kins around instead of having to carry one and push the other in the stroller.


  1. what a big boy.....they grow so fast.

  2. I can't believe he's crawling before he's even 6 months old. Such a determined young fellow. lol the cutest part of that pic is the poop stains on his back. It seems that he may be as adept at producing blow outs as Fox.

  3. I think he got better at crawling in the one day we were there! Kins is enjoying her walking and had lots of fun watching Brama throw herself down on the trampoline.


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