Kins Says

Kins calls the Berenstain Bears Books "Dr. Bean Bears". I really don't have a clue where the doctor part came from.

She likes to grip your head firmly, pull your forehead into hers, and growl/whisper "very!". Tim says there was some evolution of the tradition to get it to this stage. He said he remembers it made sense at first with whatever they were doing. I saw them doing this a few days ago, and he says it's been a tradition for a month or so. She likes to "very" Max and Mommy too now.

My butt crack was hanging out one day and she pointed to it and said, "Daddy break Mommy's back!" She's a big fan of pointing out broken things and asking if we can fix them.

After pooping lately she likes to look wearily at me and say, "We don't need to change Kin's diaper". It's how I know she pooped.

If something comes on the tv that's not a cartoon she will ask, "Mommy? Can we scoop the ad?"

She usually addresses herself as you. "You wanna go in silver car and go see Laura Locke. Yes. I do, I do."

She's still very independent when it comes to playing with other kids. She picks what she wants to play with, and isn't swayed by the "the grass is greener on the other side of the fence" frame of mind. Other kids always seem to think that what she has at any given moment must be the most fun item available and are always taking things from her as a result. She is sometimes saddened by this, but often just picks up the next item and finds it fascinating as well.  Where she's not very independent is when Tim and I are concerned. She likes to be held, and she likes to be held 95% of the time. I was talking to Laura and she pointed out that this is probably why, despite being incredibly laid back most of the time, and sharing objects no problem, she is still pretty jealous of Max. She's gotten better with him. She used to try to hit him with toys for example, and she won't do that any more. But, she will lay down and kick him with an absent minded expression on her face. Like, "La, la, la, I'm cute and rolling about on the floor, kicking Max is a total accident..." It's never very hard. Still, the jealousy isn't quite gone yet.


  1. Referring to herself as "You" is very interesting. I hadn't heard of it until recently, but Lawyerish's daughter does it all the time (

  2. lol dr bean bears is pretty catchy. I'm thinking that you could create a pretty successful story series based off that name alone.

  3. When she says "you", she seems to be phrasing a question that you (Mom) might ask her, then giving the answer. It's a way to get your attention. Why, you (Mom) should've thought to ask that question without her prompting!

  4. I personally like scooping ads myself. :)


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