Max is 5 Months and Other Happenings

Max is in a big rush to grow up. He is 18.5 pounds, for one thing. He can roll easily in all directions, and can wiggle and squirm his way around pretty well. He tries hard to crawl, but he's not able to yet. He babbles often, making lots of baba, mama, dada type sounds. He makes a real production out of it too, opening his mouth more than necessary and flapping his arms wildly to express his excitement. He loves being held. And he is finally strong enough to not slouch over when he's in the back carry postion! Yay! It's sooo much easier for me to carry him this way than on my front. I can do much more carrying him like this.

In the past month or two he had gotten fussy a lot of the time and was waking up to eat 3 or more times per night regularly. I finally realized I was letting him stay up for much longer periods of time than I should have been for his age. If I work to get him to nap after he's awake 2 hours, I've learned that he's almost always happy. As far as overnight, I'm still working on it, but I'm pretty sure the issue is that he's become a terrible daytime nurser. The reason is he's such a social thing. He will try to spend the whole nursing session arching away, so he can get a good look at me and give me a huge smile. It melts my heart that he picks socializing with his mommy over food. I've found that if I put a blanket over him while he nurses, or nurse in a dark, quiet room, I can often get him to focus and eat good amounts during the day. I hope I can get him to improve more and more, I'm only on day #2 of working hard to get him to eat a lot during the day. He had a good night last night though, and I think that was why. I think if I can just turn it around, and get him going most of the night without nursing, then he will be hungry enough to want to eat better during the day without so much work to get him convinced.

It was smoggy for awhile. It's cleared up right now, but you can see how much gunk there was in the air in this pic.
Max's habit of sticking his legs through his crib bars. He's finally getting good at extracting himself without getting panicked and waking up screaming.
Max and Anabelle. He was eating her hand quite a bit. He thought it was very tasty.
Bears and Kins testing out a playpen part.
Trees in the strip of land behind our back fence. That big thing in the middle lower third of the pic is a turkey. Turkeys and peacocks live back there. At night, they hang out in the lower branches of the trees.
A Percheron horse we pass walking on the path we use often.
The path.
I like that tree straight ahead. I want to plant one like it in our front yard. Does anyone know what kind it is?
I tried to make my own binky animal. Max like it ok when he's not exhausted, but when he really would benefit from a binky it frustrates him. In general it takes a lot of work and time holding a binky in his mouth before his disgust is outweighed by his love of eating things.
Painting on the same easel Tim used when he was little.


  1. I am so jealous that you have turkeys roosting in your trees. I love living in such a busy part of SLC, but it would be so cool to be near turkeys.

  2. Ahh. Turkeys sure seem like more desirable neighbors than the vultures that we thought they were at the time. That tree does look cool...hopefully your mom knows what kind. Of everyone who reads your blog, seems like she's the only one who might know that sort of thing. I can't believe how huge max looks in that carrier already with his neck completely clearing the head rest. I keep thinking that I've come to grips with his size only to realize that perhaps that isn't possible. He looks so cute curled up in his crib with his legs dangling out.

  3. They're both looking more grown up every day. Love the pic of Kins and Bears.
    Take a close up of the tree leaves. Can't tell anything from just the general shape.

  4. wow he has grown fast...Kins looks adorable painting...

  5. Anabelle sure loved spending time with Max. :) And what did we decide to call your new Wubbanub creation? I can't believe you put the picture up. Now we have proof that you broke their trademark... Yeah, Anabelle gets fussy too when she stays awake too long during the day. I've been trying to nip it in the bud so she doesn't get overstimulated because that's when I have to pull out the exercise ball to bounce her to sleep. I love the closeup picture of Zoey.


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