Kins Says

Tim gave her a raspberry. After tasting it she cringed, shook violently with disgust, and spit it out. She looked at it in her hand, and asked, "Is it poop?"

One day I wouldn't give her what she wanted because she wasn't eating like she was supposed to be. She started crying, then abruptly stopped and announced, "I'm sad!"

She had been riding Tim around and he laid down on his belly for a rest. She said, "Mama, we need batteries for Tim!" She knows our names, and sometimes calls us by them. 

My friend April has been visiting. We went to her parents' house, and Kins climbed up onto their couch next to April's dad and immediately tried to give him a smooch. She saw him around the day before, but I don't think they'd even interacted. She's gotten very friendly with strangers lately.

If you're drawing for her, she'll suggest what you might draw next. "How 'bout a tiger?"

She has an obsession with water coloring. If she had it her way, she would sit in her high chair all day long painting. She never wants to stop. Actually, her way would be to run around the house with the brush painting all the furniture and walls. The high chair part is my way. She thinks it's worth it to be in the high chair to paint though. First thing after waking up she usually greets me by saying she wants to paint, sometimes she's very specific and wants to paint things like a purple snail.

She's finally saying, "yeah" to let me know if she wants to do something. It never clicked with her until now that she could really answer questions. She answers other things too, like what she wants to eat. Usually chips.

She likes order. She found some crumpled tape this morning and brought it to me saying, "Ewwwww, this is yucky. We need to throw this away."


  1. Well, did you get Tim some batteries? I think Kins had a good idea. Batteries should charge him right up.

  2. sometimes I think I need new batteries

  3. ah that kins. so silly. I really need to get cracking on getting a paint set for bears. he's clearly missing out on some good times at home.


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