We have been taking walks to see the horses down the lane. This beauty has such striking eyes, and he is very gentle when he takes food too. It's only a .6 mile walk to get to the jogging path that we used to drive to regularly. I'm loving walks on the path and have been trying to carve out a little time as often as I can for walks.
 Ooooh la la! Max isn't bashful at all about flashing a little cleavage.
 After I took that pic of Max, Kins wanted in on the picture taking.
 Happy to be in the stroller. Tim and I find that we are able to have our best conversations on walks, both kids are normally happy and quietly observing surroundings.
One of the last pics at our old home. Moving is bittersweet. The new home is much roomier and nicer in every way. But, many of my happiest moments happened in the old house, it holds so many memories. Pregnancies, marriage, learning my newborn babies' sweet personalities. Part of me is sad to leave. On the other hand, I am excited to make many new memories in our new home.
 Talking to the camera. Red, she calls it.
 Kins is trying out some tummy time. Wondering what the big whoop is.


  1. All excellent pictures but that one of Max is just ridiculously adorable. I love how he's got considerably more cleavage than I'm able to produce. There's just something so irresistible about all that pudge. That lane with the horses looks pretty dreamy. Makes sense that you'd feel a little bittersweet about the move but there's no denying that it's a definite upgrade in just about every way. I'm excited to see how much fun our kids have together on our playdates out there.

  2. Don't worry Laura your not alone, Max has better cleavage then me as well. It's crazy how big he's getting already! I'm excited to see pics of the new place and hear about some of the new memories your already creating. The tummy time pic is the great. Their matching.

  3. Im glad that post wasnt to sappy music. Makes me sad as well to leave the memories of the old place, but it just wasnt cutting it anymore. Time to move on.

  4. wow your cuties are growing so fast...they are both just adorable..

  5. The move will definitely be a good one for your whole family. Love the pic of Papa and Kins. And Max looks so cute with his pretty eyes and eyelashes, never mind the cleavage. It'll all turn to muscle soon!


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