Max is 3 Months Old and Other Phone Pics

Max's lashes are gorgeous. They're long, black, thick, and they curl. I want lashes like his! With his blue blue eyes and lashes like these I'm going to have to work hard to teach him not to break too many hearts.
Occasionally Kins plays in her nap for her entire 2 hour nap time. She'll sing, chatter, put her blankie over her head and hide, and so on.
 Sweet, sleepy baby. I love the snuggles I get before he learns how to sit, walk and run and gets too busy for snuggles.
Max loves interacting. He's usually ready with a huge smile the second you lock eyes with him.
 Kins is the cutest mixture of tom boy and girly girl. She loves chapstick, bracelet, nail polish, and shoes. But, she also loves playing in dirt, growling, rough housing, and after getting hurt, she usually only cries for a minute before she wants to go check out the damage in the mirror.
 Max is already 14.5 pounds. I have to take lots of pictures because he's changing and growing so fast.
 Which handsome guy let me sleep a solid 8 hours last night? This one! This handsome boy! I took this pic at the park. We've been getting into a nice routine where most week nights we walk to the park. Tim runs and plays with Kins, while Max and I sit in the shade and enjoy being outside.
 Max is about as happy as they come. If he's awake, he's usually ready to play.
 Kins loves to climb under the covers in our bed. Usually if I can't hear her, I can find her in my dark bedroom, snuggled up with the covers pulled up to her chin.
 We went to our nephew's bday party recently. It was a a rec center, and I didn't know there were kid pools like this. See all that cool equipment in the background? The pool is mostly only a foot or two deep, with slides, little waterfalls, sprayers, and towers. I found out there's one minutes from our house, so as soon as my incision from surgery is healed up enough, I predict we're going to be there at least once a week. Probably will be able to go this weekend. Pictured are grandpa and Kin's little cousin. Max was thoroughly enchanted by his aunt's glittery fingernails.
 Creative use of present tissue paper. She looks like a gangsta in the making here I think.
 Kins the incredible hulk. She's slightly saddened that she's going to have to whip so many butts here momentarily.
 Max loves this chair even though he's not really old enough for it yet and slumps off to the side frequently, trapping one arm.
 Contemplating her power.
 These pics are really out of order. Kins and daddy at the pool party birthday.


  1. Those hulk hands are killing me. They are both so adorable! Max looks so much like your side, Tess, and Kins totally looks like Tim.

  2. I'm seeing more of Seth in Max as he gets older, esp. in the pics where Max is smiling and his eyes look dark.
    The Hulk Hands are hilarious. Love that Gansta look, too.

  3. That Max sure is a handsome guy, it's true. And just getting more and more handsome. I agree with Janie and Kristina, still seeing more Meier in him. Seems like whichever side they get their looks from is equally adorable so that works out pretty well. Love that pic of zoey and tim in the pool.


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