My incision is getting a little less obvious, but people who I don't know still notice and feel the need to ask about it. I think it's a little strange. I would never want to ask a stranger if they had just had surgery. It seems to me like the conversation could easily take a devastatingly awkward turn. "Wow! Did you have surgery on your neck?!" Me: "No. My boyfriend caught me having intercourse with another man and things went downhill from there." Or maybe, "I wish. Actually, I was really constipated and strained so hard I ruptured my platisma. It was touch and go for awhile, but it looks like  I'm going to be ok."


  1. lol that last explanation is pretty brilliant. I'd say just go with that one from now on whenever asked about it.

  2. Yes, the ruptured platisma is probably the way to go.
    Healing looks good.

  3. I say go with a different story each time.


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